Monday, October 27, 2014

Tulane University - Can you keep up with Schiffman?

Jeff Schiffman is a Tulane SigEp alum and a former Chapter Counselor.

Thanks to Bill Hydrick for passing the article along

Tulane University - Can you keep up with Schiffman?

While some people’s motto is “don’t sweat the small stuff,” Jeff Schiffman’s motto is simply “ SWEAT!” 

Jeff Schiffman
Jeff Schiffman says his spinning class called RIDE “isn’t just about your body; it’s about your brain and your heart.” (Photo from Romney Pilates Center)
As the senior associate director of admission at Tulane University, his schedule takes him all over the world recruiting students. While life on the road can make it difficult to maintain any schedule, Schiffman is dedicated to staying healthy and having fun. 

After he took a spinning class in Los Angeles a few years ago, he was immediately hooked. This led Schiffman to start teaching his own class, a high-energy, full-body workout called RIDE, at Romney Pilates Center in New Orleans. The maxim of his class might be “think with your whole body” but with his musically themed sessions, ranging from ’80s to BeyoncĂ© to Glee, his patrons often forget to think and just have fun. 

“You’ll leave my class covered in sweat,” Schiffman promises, “but it’s my hope with an incredibly positive feeling. RIDE isn’t just about your body; it’s about your brain and your heart.”

In fact, most of Schiffman’s activities in New Orleans center around body, brain and heart, and getting others into the same. Aside from doing triathlons all over the Gulf South, he participates in a boot camp in Audubon Park with Office of Admission staff. 

Through Outreach Tulane, Schiffman started his involvement with Youth Run NOLA, an organization that works to empower underserved students in the New Orleans area by training them to run races like the Crescent City Classic and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. 

Schiffman still runs with the same group of students he started with four years ago. And last month he helped Romney Pilates organize a Pride Ride for members of the LGBT community, which had a great turnout from Tulane students and staff.  

In everything he does, Schiffman puts his mind, heart and sweat all in to help others get the most out of theirs.
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