Monday, May 26, 2014

The SigEp Patriots Project (SPP) Remembers Our Brothers Killed in Action

Happy Memorial Day from Afghanistan!

Based on information found in the archives of the SigEp Patriots Project (SPP), the following brothers are known to have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country and way of life:

World War I
-Henry Griffin (NY Alpha)                     -Louis Phillis (IL Alpha)

World War II
-John Blanton, Jr. (VA Alpha)               -Charles Mylius (VA Alpha)
-David Johnson (NY Alpha)                  -Edward Locke (NY Alpha)
-Charles Kuhlmann, Jr. (MD Alpha)        -James Logan (VT Alpha)
-Lee Nelson (WI Beta)                        -Lake Maddox (OK Alpha)
-Robert Patterson (OK Alpha)               -Frank Pinney (OK Alpha)
-Williard Lindeman (IL Alpha)               -John Lang (IL Alpha)
-Henry Gansz (IL Alpha)                      -John Salyers (IL Alpha)
-Robert Hook (IL Alpha)                      -Joseph Hissem (IL Alpha)
-Clarence Roudebush (IN Alpha)           -George Thornbrough (KS Beta)
-John Jackson (KS Beta)                      -Philip Singleton (KS Alpha)
-Robert Stoddard (KS Gamma)              -David Reed (PA Lambda)
-Oscar Rambeck (DC Alpha)                  -David Bowen (AL Beta)
-Frank Uricchio (AL Beta)                     -Earl Benjamin, Jr. (NY Beta)
-Karl Baum, Jr. (TN Alpha)

-Robert Hansen (NE Beta)                    -Stephen Joyner (CA Delta)
-Donald March (MA Gamma)                  -Dennis O'Connor (MI Delta)
-William Peters, Jr. (IA Gamma)            -Daniel Hinkel (OH Nu)
-William Thigpen (NC Beta)                  -Dayton Lanier (NC Beta)
-Larry Talley (NC Beta)                        -Paul Strahm (OH Kappa)
-Kenneth Smith (KS Epsilon)                 -David Myers (PA Eta)
-Gene McMullen (PA Eta)                      -William Murphy (UT Beta)
-Thomas Cisler (IA Beta)                      -Jeff Krommenhoek (IA Beta)
-Michael LaFromboise (WA Beta)           -Gaylord Keroher (KS Gamma)
-John Janoska (NY Delta)                      -Johnny Davis (AR Gamma)
-James Atchison (WV Beta)                   -Charles Schultz (PA Iota)
-Robert Avery (TN Gamma)                   -Rex Craig (KS Alpha)
-William Elmore (TX Beta)

-William Wood (FL Epsilon)                   -Norman Tollett (OH Kappa)
-Jacob Pfister (NY Eta)                          -Matthew Webber (MI Beta)
-Israel "Izzy" O'Bryan (TN Kappa)           -Kim Orlando (TX Rho)
-Matthew Barnes (LA Delta)                   -Noah Harris (GA Delta)
-Bradley Arms (GA Delta)                      -Jonathan Dozier (TN Theta)

-Joshua Lawrence (TN Eta)

Even after 13 years of research, we know this list is incomplete, and SPP welcomes any information you have that would insure that our brave brothers will always be remembered.

This list is being published on Memorial Day - a U.S. federal holiday established to honor and remember men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Therefore, this Memorial Day we hope you will join SPP in showing respect to these brothers as well as the hundreds of other SigEp Patriots who have served our country.


Ed Jones, NY Eta '96
Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy Reserve
Founder, SigEp Patriots Project
Twitter: @SigEpsWhoServe
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