Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arizona State presidential candidate: Jonathan Cole

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A.S. presidential candidate: Jonathan Cole | The Daily Aztec:
Cole is affiliated with Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rotaract and the Business Honors Program. He is also part of the Student African American Brotherhood, Black Business Society, FratMANers and Sports Business Initiative.
Cole said he has a vision for San Diego State and plans to unify the university by making sure all student voices are heard.

Photo by Monica Linzmeier,  Photo Editor“My biggest goal is reengaging student groups on campus who feel like they have lost their identity with Associated Students,” Cole said. “Those students were a core of A.S. and brought a lot of great ideas. “
In addition to rebuilding bonds with student groups, he also plans to engage other facets of campus, such as ROTC members and athletes, who have not previously been involved with A.S.
Cole said he has shadowed the past three A.S. presidents, which has helped him develop ideas.
He plans to utilize designee positions to boards for campus club leaders to represent their organizations and build a stronger A.S. Cole also wants to establish monthly meetings with departments across campus to encourage student participation.
“In the past, we’ve had these designee spots. They’re really supposed to serve as a liaison for these executive officers,” Cole said. “We just need a little bit more follow up and reflection.”
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