Sunday, February 23, 2014

SigEp responds to desecration of James Meredith statue

Fraternity announcement: SigEp responds to desecration of James Meredith statue:

After learning that three freshmen members of their chapter were responsible for desecrating the James Meredith statue on The University of Mississippi campus, the Mississippi Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity quickly voted to expel all three men, turning over their identities to university administrators and investigating authorities.

SigEp’s CEO Brian C. Warren Jr. said Thursday, “It is embarrassing that these men had previously identified with our Fraternity. SigEp as a national Fraternity has championed racial equality and issues on diversity since 1959 when it became the first national fraternity to invite members of all races, creeds and religions to join its membership. For this to occur in 2014 is an insult to the legacy of James Meredith, The University of Mississippi community, and the SigEp alumni who fought for racial equality in the late 1950s.”

SigEp has indefinitely suspended its University of Mississippi Chapter and asked that the chapter cease all operations. The Fraternity staff is working with chapter and alumni-volunteer leadership to conduct an internal investigation. The Fraternity intends to conduct a comprehensive review of the membership to ensure members’ values align with those espoused by the Fraternity. "We won’t allow the actions of a few men to undermine the more than five decades of leadership this Fraternity has demonstrated in the fight for racial equality and diversity on our college campuses,” said Warren.

View the press release PDF.

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