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Volume 1/14, 30 DEC 2013 – 05 JAN 2014

01 JAN 1920
Service Cross
On this date, World War I Veteran and OH Gamma Brother Captain Robert Lester Tavenner, U.S. Army was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and Distinguished Service Medal for his courageous actions while deployed to France & Belgium. The DSC is the second highest military award presented to a member of the U.S. Army for extreme gallantry and risk of life in actual combat with an armed enemy force. Brother Tavenner is one of five SigEp Patriots to be awarded the DSC.

03 JAN 1941
World War I Veteran and PA Xi Brother First Lieutenant Paul H. Cunningham, U.S. Army was sworn in on this date as a member of the Seventy-seventh Congress. Brother Cunningham served the people of Iowa’s 6th District until 1943 when he was elected to serve the 5th District.

31 DEC 1942
NC Epsilon Brother Charles Henderson joined the U. S. Navy after graduation, and served 26 months overseas before being discharged at the end of the war at the rank of Lieutenant.

01 JAN 1943
The next day, just up from North Carolina, DC Alpha Brother Kenneth H. Brunner joined the U.S. Army on this date. Brother Brunner was a graduate of the George Washington University Class of 1928, and served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before being discharged after more than two year of "interesting duty" with the Manhattan District in Tennessee – the headquarters for the atomic bomb project.

03 JAN 1943
Making the ultimate sacrifice on this date, World War II Veteran and MI Alpha Brother First Lieutenant James L. Lee, U.S. Army was killed in action over Western Europe while serving as a co-pilot with the U.S. Army Air Corps 323rd Bomber Squadron, 91st Bomber Group (Heavy). Brother Lee was MI Alpha’s first casualty of WWII.

A SigEp at MI Alpha between 1935 and 1937, Brother Lee entered the service in the Fall of 1941 after graduating from Carnegie Institute of Technology at Pittsburgh. After his training, James received his silver wings and commission at Shaw Field, in the summer of 1942.

His awards include the Purple Heart and Air Medal.

Brother Lee is memorialized at the Brittany American Cemetery, St. James (Manche), France.

World War II Veteran and VT Alpha Brother Irving L. Branch was promoted to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army Air Force on this date.

03 JAN 1944
KS Beta Brother Lieutenant Commander L.W. Newcomer, U.S. Navy, a Seabee Officer, arrived on Guadalcanal on this date and set up camp as he staged for the pending attack on Bougainville.

30 DEC 1944
For his leadership at Bastogne, WV Beta Brother (then) Brigadier General Anthony “Nuts!” Clement McAuliffe, U.S. Army was awarded the DSC on this date by General Patton. Brother McAuliffe would go on to become a four-star General, be one of five SigEp Patriots to earn the DSC, and was awarded the SigEp Citation in 1965.

31 DEC 1945
On this date, World War II Veteran MS Alpha Brother Private First Class Robert D. Keller, U.S. Army was discharged after 18 months of service with the Armored Infantry in the European Theater, and WI Alpha Brother Lieutenant William H. Zuehlke, Jr., U.S. Navy Reserve was also discharged following four years overseas.

06 JAN 1946
U.S. Army World War II Veteran and UT Alpha Brother Worth Barber McNeel was discharged from active duty on this date. When the war broke out, Worth joined the Enlisted Reserve Corps at Utah State University. In 1943, he joined the U.S. Army, and served in the Philippines, Okinawa and Korea. After his patriotic service, Worth brought his wartime leadership to Utah State and became a noble member of our beloved fraternity. In later years, he joined the Idaho National Guard in Blackfoot, ID.

03 JAN 1949
On this date, World War II Veteran and MT Alpha Brother Colonel John Woodrow Bonner, U.S. Army began his first day in office as the 13th governor of Montana, and would serve in office until 04 JAN 1953.

03 JAN 1953
World War II Veteran and FL Alpha Brother Captain Donald R. Matthews, U.S. Army was sworn in this date as a member of the Eighty-third Congress of the United States joining Brother Paul Cunningham.

03 JAN 1955
World War II Veteran and VA Kappa Brother Major William P. Jennings, U.S. Army was elected to represent the people of Virginia’s 9th District, and was sworn in this date as a member of the Eighty-fourth Congress, joining brothers Cunningham, Matthews, and VA Zeta Brother William M. Tuck already serving in Washington.

PA Brother Ed Strecker
in his World War I uniform

02 JAN 1959
World War I Veteran and PA Beta Brother Major/Doctor Edward A. Strecker, U.S. Army died on this date. Brother Strecker entered WW I as a First Lieutenant (Neuro-Psychiatrist) with the famous 28th Division. He served with this unit in combat zones until the Armistice, when he was honorably discharged as a Major. During WWII, he was named a consultant to President Roosevelt and received a presidential citation from President Truman.

After graduating from Jefferson Medical College in 1911, Dr. Strecker joined Pennsylvania Hospital in 1913, serving as chief medical officer at The Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital from 1920 to 1928. He continued his association with the hospital until his death in 1959. Edward served as professor and head of nervous and mental diseases at Jefferson Medical College; professor and head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and later professor and emeritus professor and chair of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine. In addition, he was clinical professor of psychiatry and mental diseases at Yale University and was the first professor of psychiatry at Seton Hall College of Medicine. He was president of the American Psychiatric Association in 1943.
A prolific writer, he authored ten books and more than 200 papers, on such diverse subjects as alcoholism, childhood behaviors, encephalitis, head trauma, sex offenders, war neuroses, and civilization and culture. He authored five editions of the best-known standard textbook at that time, Fundamentals of Psychiatry.
Many honors were bestowed on Brother Strecker, including four honorary doctoral degrees.
The Edward A. Strecker, MD Award, sponsored by Pennsylvania Hospital, University of Pennsylvania Health System, has been awarded annually since 1964 to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of clinical psychiatry.
Respect can be paid to Brother Strecker at Greenmount Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.
03 JAN 1959
On this date, Brother Paul Cunningham completed 18 years of service in the U.S. Congress.
04 JAN 1962
On this date, U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Veteran TX Alpha Brother Frederick H. Korth was appointed Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) by President Kennedy. Brother Korth served as SECNAV for two years (1962-63), including during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
TX Alpha Brother and Secretary of the Navy
Frederick H. Korth meets with President Kennedy
16 JAN 1962 at the Oval Office
03 JAN 1967
This marks the last day of congressional service for brothers Donald Matthews and William Jennings.
03 JAN 1969
On this date, after more than 15 years of service in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Marine Corps World War I Veteran, Virginia State Senator, Governor (Virginia) and VA Zeta Brother William M. Tuck served his last day in Congress as the representative from Virginia’s 5th District.
02 JAN 2000
World War II, Korean War & Vietnam War Veteran, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), and Renaissance Brother Admiral Elmo “Bud” Russell Zumwalt, Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired) died on this date at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.
According to representatives in Richmond/HQ, Admiral Zumwalt was initiated by the Connecticut Alpha chapter in New York City in APR 1985. However, multiple online resources state he was initiated in 1980 including – which contains information confirmed by Navy biographers. To make things a bit muddier, The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon Volume 98, Number 1 (Spring 2000) stated, “SigEp mourns the passing of Admiral Elmo Zumwalt (Connecticut '42) who served as Chief of Naval Operations during a turbulent era and was famous for his celebrated "Z-grams." However, Brother Zumwalt never attended Connecticut.
Eagle Scout, high school valedictorian, cum laude graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) and commissioned an Ensign on 19 JUN 1942, he was the youngest naval officer ever promoted to Rear Admiral (one-star) at age 44. At age 49, Bud was the youngest four-star Admiral in U. S. naval history, and the youngest to serve as CNO – the most senior naval officer in the Department of the Navy. In 1998, he was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian award in the United States.
The military accomplishments of Brother Zumwalt cannot be completely displayed due to the magnitude of his service and contributions during his 32 years of active duty service. Go to the Naval History & Heritage Command site to read about our renaissance brother -
Respect can be paid to Brother Zumwalt in Section 3, Lot Number 0382 at the USNA Cemetery and Columbarium in Annapolis, MD.
03 JAN 2004
World War II Veteran and CO Delta Brother First Lieutenant Otto Eastlond, Jr., U.S. Army died on this date. Brother Eastlond was a member of the Class of 1934, entered the service in FEB 1941, served as a Battalion Adjutant, and was discharged from the Army in DEC 1945.
Respect can be paid to Brother Eastlond at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, CO.
05 JAN 2005
World War II Veteran and NY Beta Brother Technician Fourth Grade Perry C. Euchner, Jr., U.S. Army, 78, died on this date in Huntington Station, New York. Perry joined the Army in NOV 1944, and after the war was a member of the Class of 1948.
Respect can be paid to Brother Euchner at Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NY.
06 JAN 2005
U.S. Navy World War II Veteran CA Beta Brother David R. Billings was 80 years old when he died on this date in Stockton, California from complications associated with Alzheimer’s. Brother Billings graduated from the University of Southern California in 1946.
06 JAN 2007
At the age of 77, Korean War and Vietnam War Veteran, NM Alpha Brother Lieutenant Commander Jack C. Bolander, U.S. Navy (Retired) died on this date at McGuire V.A. Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Brother Bolander graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1951, and conducted post-graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Southern California. He was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion Post 284, National Sojourner, Gideons, Sea Scouts (leader), Navy League, and Duncan, Oklahoma Lodge #60, AF & AM.
Respect can be paid to Brother Bolander at Section 20, Site 525, Quantico National Cemetery, Triangle, VA.
04 JAN 2009
On this date, U.S. Army World War II Veteran VA Epsilon Brother Neil C. Pascoe died in Naples, Florida at the age 99. Neil was a life member of Private Peter S. Hotalen Post No. 157, and a past Sussex County Commander of the American Legion.
He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology and was a graduate of Washington and Lee University's Class of 1934. Returning to Branchville after WWII, Brother Pascoe served on the Borough Council, and was a charter member of the Culver Brook Restoration Foundation. He also served as Chairman of the Selective Service Draft Board No. 41 from 1950 to 1969. Prior to his retirement, he was a Senior Vice President and Personnel Director of Selective Insurance Company in Branchville. After moving to Naples, FL, he was a founding member of the Quail Run Country Club.

Respect can be paid to Brother Pascoe at Branchville Cemetery, Branchville, NJ.
04 JAN 2011
On this date, IN Beta Brother Ryan Zipper accepted a United States Air Force health professions scholarship, and was sworn in to the U.S. Air Force as a Second Lieutenant.
31 DEC 2011
Vietnam War Veteran and GA Gamma Brother Lieutenant John Robert O'Neal, Sr., U.S Navy Reserve died on this date at the age of 66. Following high school, John attended Valdosta State College where he pledged SigEp. After graduating from college, Brother O’Neal entered the U.S. Navy and became a pilot. He served his country on active duty for five years, and additionally as a reserve officer. John was honorably discharged at the rank of lieutenant.
Following his military service, he discovered that he had a knack for sales. In fact, he was described as being able to "sell ice to a bartender at the North Pole." After working sales in several industries, John returned to the world of aviation, and spent 32 years as a member of the Sales Department at Eagle Aviation in Columbia, from which he retired in SEP 2011.
Respect can be paid to Brother O’Neal at Section 3, Site 415, Fort Jackson National Cemetery in Columbia, SC.
02 JAN 2012
World War II Veteran and VA Alpha Brother Major John Thomas Watkins, Jr., U.S. Army Air Corps died on this date in Morganton, North Carolina. Brother Watkins graduated from the University of Richmond in 1940, joined the Army Air Corps in November, and in 1941 graduated from advanced flying school. On 08 DEC he left Langley Field, VA with the 22nd Bomb Group for Australia. John was in action until JUL 1944, when he was transferred home. He was discharged from the service as a Major in 1946.
After his war-time service, Brother Watkins spent his career in business working for Travelers Insurance Company, Monsanto Chemical Company, Fabricon Products, and Watkins Machine Sales, which he founded, and his level of civic involvement would be tough to beat.
In 1981, John and his wife retired to Morganton where he was involved in many civic activities including Director of Economic Development, president of the Friends of the Library, the Morganton Kiwanis Club and the Western Piedmont College Foundation. Brother Watkins was also very active in the Burke County Chamber of Commerce, participated in fundraising for the Phifer Learning Center, and co-chaired the Burke County United Way. Additionally, he assisted in the restoration of the Quaker Meadows House, helped construct homes with Habitat for Humanity, repaired bicycles for Christmas Cheer, and tutored for the Literacy Council. His selfless commitment to his community was recognized in 1996 when he was honored as the Morganton Rotary Club's "Man of the Year".
04 JAN 2012
U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Veteran and NY Delta Founding Father Byron Davega Forster, 91, of Dallas, Texas died on this date. After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with the Class of 1941 with a degree in graduated (Management Engineering), Brother Forster enlisted in the Army Air Corps in JAN 1942, and was honorably discharged in JAN 1946.
After the war, Byron was successful as financial consultant to individuals, partnerships and corporations, and was a member of the Boy Scouts, American Legion, and Lions Club.

05 JAN 2012
On this date, U.S. Army World War II Veteran NC Beta President James L. Holloway died in North Carolina. During WW II, James served in the Philippines with the 38th Infantry Division. After the war, he brought his leadership to NC State University (NCSU) and graduated in 1950.
After leaving NCSU, Brother Holloway worked for Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical for 33 years before retiring in 1988.

30 DEC 2012
U.S. Army World War II Veteran MA Beta Brother Edgar B. Carpenter, 94, died on this date at his home in Canton, Connecticut. Ed served in the U.S. Army as a member of the 701st Tank Destroyer Battalion that entered the war in North Africa and fought campaigns through Italy. He was awarded several medals including the Bronze Star and the French Croix de Guerre. Following his WWII service, Ed attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and graduated in 1950 with bachelors degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, in addition to being active with Sigma Phi Epsilon.
He worked for the Elevator Division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation for 32 years prior to retirement, and was responsible for the sale and installation of most of the Westinghouse elevators in Connecticut's tallest buildings. Brother Carpenter was a long-time member of the Canton Volunteer Fire Department and served on various boards for the Town of Canton. A beloved Canton Little League Coach for a whole generation of boys, Ed coached even the years when he did not have a son on the team.
In 1997, a multi-sport field complex named Carpenter Field was dedicated in Ed's honor at Avon Old Farms School in Avon. All three of Mr. Carpenter's sons went to Avon Old Farms and he was fondly remembered by his family - as well as the faculty and staff - as being at every game and sporting event, even if it was in the middle of the week, and even if his son was sitting on the bench. To this day, Carpenter Field is said to be one of the best high school baseball fields in all of New England.
In Nashville, Tennessee we also lost U.S. Marine Corps Veteran TN Theta Founding Father Jim Wiseman, 71, on this date following his battle with cancer. While at Middle Tennessee State University, he helped establish TN Theta, and served as their chapter counselor for many years, as well as on their alumni board. He loved mentoring young persons, whether through the fraternity or the practice of law.
Brother Wiseman has always been a teacher, beginning with teaching in the Watts area of South Los Angeles. He was a former Associate MTSU Professor, and a retired attorney. He taught at many State universities around the country, while accumulating a master's degree, a specialist in education degree, and an Ed.D, before concluding with his law degree.

He practiced law in Murfreesboro, TN over 30 years, first as a solo practitioner, then for thirteen years in partnership with his wife. He retired once, but then found his favorite legal work of all in juvenile court, including time spent as Assistant and Regional General Counsel for the Department of Children's Services.

Jim was a Mason, a Shriner, a Life Member of Friends of Linebaugh Library, and a current board member of the Rutherford County Family YMCA.

31 DEC 2012
Korean War Veteran and OK Alpha Brother Staff Sergeant William “Bill” Thomas Dingler, U.S. Air Force died on this date in Oklahoma City at the age of 82. Brother Dingler graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in marketing, and his sales career to him to Houston and Denver, eventually returning to Oklahoma City where he retired from W.R. Grace Company.

Bill was a 32nd Degree Mason, Shriner, and he enjoyed working with Mobile Meals, delivering meals to the needy in OKC.

Respect can be paid to Brother Dingler at Fort Sill National Cemetery, Elgin, OK.
03 JAN 2013
World War II Veteran and MA Beta Brother Richard “Richie” E. Howard died on this date in Worcester, Massachusetts. During his WWII service, Richie was awarded the Bronze Star twice. Following the war, he attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he was Vice President of his class, and a member of the Honor Society (Skull).
He worked for many years at the Worcester Gas Light Company before forming Therm, Inc in 1989. Brother Howard worked tirelessly as the first Vice President of the Lincoln Square Boys Club Alumni Association and as a District Director of the Ty Cobb Little League. Richie was also a lifelong member of the Auburn-Webster Lodge of Elks #2118.
* U.S. Army Korean War Veteran and PA Eta President F. Allen Weisenfluh passed away 20 DEC after a long struggle with Parkinson’s Disease. A memorial service will be held at 10 am on 18 JAN 2014, at the Second Congregational Church, Cohasset, MA. Burial will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Scituate Animal Shelter, 780 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Scituate, MA 02066.
* World War II Veteran and DE Alpha President Captain Henry McComb Winchester, Jr., U.S. Army died peacefully 22 DEC. Brother Winchester was senior class president, as well as DE Alpha president. While serving in the Army, Captain Winchester was a member of the World War II Crimes Investigation Team in Germany. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10:30 am on 09 JAN 2014 for Henry and Richard Winchester at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Roman Catholic Church, 10 Old Church Road, Greenville, DE. The family will receive friends at the church beginning at 9:30. Burial will be private.
* World War II Veteran and TX Alpha President Captain John F. Green, U.S. Army passed away 26 DEC at the age of 93. Before he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, Brother Green was inducted into the U.S. Army. After completing basic training and Officer Candidate School, he was commissioned a second lieutenant, and assigned to the 275th Engineer Combat Battalion of the 75th Infantry Division. Overseas he served in three major campaigns, including the Battle of the Bulge, and was awarded the Bronze Star. After the end of hostilities, he was transferred to military government in Germany, where he served as a military government officer throughout the remainder of his military service.
* IN Alpha Brother Lieutenant Junior Grade David B. Evans, U.S. Navy passed away suddenly on 28 DEC at the age of 74. While serving as a communications officer aboard USS Kearsarge (CV-33), Brother Evans was involved with the recovery of the Mercury astronauts in the early days of the U.S. Space Program. A proud Naval veteran, David was a diligent member of his local American Legion Post.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the chapter brothers, family and friends of Brothers Weisenfluh, Winchester, Green and Evans.
* Earlier this week, VA Mu Brother First Lieutenant Craig Stanford, U.S. Air Force and his wife, Kathleen, welcomed their daughter Audrey (7lbs, 8oz, 18.5in) in to the world at Yokota Air Base Hospital in Japan.
If you have some good news you would like to share please send me an email.
Fraternally and Respectfully,
Brother Ed Jones, NY Eta ‘96
Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy Reserve
Founder, SigEp Patriots Project
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