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Last Week in SigEp Patriot History, Volume 2/14, 06 – 12 JAN

A sad week in SigEp Patriot history, as six SigEp Patriots made the ultimate sacrifice this week. Dear Brothers, you will always be remembered by the SigEp Patriots Project (SPP).

07 JAN 1941
DE Alpha Brother Gerald H. Kadel entered the U.S. Army on this date.

09 JAN 1941
On this date, IL Alpha Brother Joseph Metcalf Hissem joined the U. S. Navy Reserve and commission an Ensign. He would go on to heroically serve at the Battle of Midway and make the ultimate sacrifice being reported missing in action / buried at sea after attacking the Japanese Imperial Fleet.

08 JAN 1943
After graduating from Purdue, IN Alpha Brother William J. Meyer, Jr. entered the Army on this date.

10 JAN 1943
Silver Star
On this date, World War II Veteran and WA Alpha Brother Captain Ben F. Ferguson, U.S. Army performed gallantly at Guadalcanal while leading his company to an assault position in the face of intense enemy fire. He proceeded to direct an enveloping movement towards the objective, resulting in the occupation of the enemy’s position. For this, he was cited for bravery in action and awarded the Silver Star Medal.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Patriots have been awarded at least 26 Silver Star’s – the third highest military decoration for valor that can be awarded to any person serving in the United States Armed Forces. The medal is awarded for gallantry in action.

11 JAN 1944
TX Alpha Brother T. Roland Parrett entered the Army on this date.

12 JAN 1944
On this date, TX Alpha Brother Richard T. Scott joined the Army Air Force and served in the medical corps.

07 JAN 1945
Two SigEp Patriots were killed in action on this date.

World War II Veteran and VT Alpha Corporal James M. Logan, U.S. Army made the ultimate sacrifice in Belgium.

SigEp Headquarters has that Brother Logan was killed 04 JAN, however research by SPP found information from the American Battle Monuments Commission stating he was serving with the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division when he was killed on 07 JAN.

Respect can be paid to Brother Logan at Plot I, Row 4, Grave 6 of the Luxembourg American Cemetery, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

World War II Veteran and IL Alpha Brother Technical Sergeant 5 John Drew “Jack” Salyers, U.S. Army was killed in action in Belgium.

Respect can be paid to Brother Salyers at Monticello Cemetery in Monticello, IL.

08 JAN 1945
On the very next day, World War II Veteran and AL Beta Brother Private First Class David C. Bowen, U.S. Army made the ultimate sacrifice during fighting in Europe.

Respect can be paid to Brother Bowen at Plot A, Row 39, Grave 1 of Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France.

09 JAN 1945
World War II Veteran and TN Alpha Brother Lieutenant Karl P. Baum, Jr., U.S. Navy Reserve made the ultimate sacrifice on this date during the invasion of the Philippine Islands at Lingayen Gulf. Brother Baum was a graduate of the Class of 1939, and was serving aboard the USS Colorado (BB-45) when he was killed.

Brother Baum is memorialized on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines as he was buried at sea near the entrance of the Lingayen Gulf, Philippine Islands.

06 JAN 1946
World War II Veteran and UT Alpha Brother Corporal Worth B. McNeel, U.S. Army was discharged from active duty.

07 JAN 1946
Entering the service before the attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II Veteran and DC Alpha Brother First Lieutenant Thomas J. McCall, U. S. Army was released from service on this date following more than five years of service.

08 JAN 1946
On this date, NE Alpha Brother Sergeant Purman Y. Rembe, U.S. Army Air Corps was discharged from the Army. During nearly three years of military service, Brother Rembe spent 26 months overseas.

08 JAN 1952
On this date, while serving with the U.S. Army National Guard in the Republic of Korea, TN Alpha Brother John “Bill” W. Rambo, Sr. was captured and became a prisoner of war for 19 months.

08 JAN 1963
U.S Navy World War II Veteran CO Beta Brother John A. Love began his service as Governor of Colorado on this date.

10 JAN 1967
On this date, World War II Veteran, U.S. Representative (Virginia) and VA Kappa Brother Major William P. Jennings, U.S. Army began serving as Clerk of the House of Representatives for the Ninetieth Congress. Brother Jennings was reelected to the four succeeding Congresses, serving until his resignation 15 NOV 1975, to be president of Slurry Transport Association.

03 JAN 1969
World War I Veteran, Iowa State Representative, Governor (Iowa), U.S. Senator (Iowa) and IA Beta Founding Father First Lieutenant Bourke B. Hickenlooper, U.S. Army completed 24 years of service as a U.S. Senator from Iowa on this date.

During his long service in Congress, Brother Hickenlooper accomplished a great many things. As a veteran, it was understandable that he would support and defend members of the U.S. military, and this was most notable with his comment about the attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5). On 08 JUN 1967, Liberty was an attacked by Israeli Air Force jet fighters and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats while in neutral waters in the Mediterranean Sea.

During subsequent Senate Foreign Relations Committee Testimony, Bourke is quoted as saying, "From what I have read I can't tolerate for 1 minute that this [attack] was an accident."

12 JAN 1970
On this date, Vietnam War Veteran and NY Delta Brother Staff Sergeant Jon J. Janoska, Jr., U.S. Army made the ultimate sacrifice while leading his troopers as Platoon Sergeant 3rd Platoon, Company D, 6th Battalion, 31st Infantry, 9th Infantry Division in Ha Nam, South Vietnam. He was 23 years old.

Brother Janoska
Memorialized on The Wall
Washington, DC
Known as “Old Reliable” by the men he served with, Jon began his combat tour in JUN 1969, and was killed while leading the platoon into a thick stand of nipa palm where he was shot once and died instantly. One of his former platoon leaders credits “JJ”, as he called him, with teaching him what he needed to know to help him and his troopers survive. The former platoon leader remembers our brother and honors him by telling stories of JJ to his children and grandchildren.

Jon is honored on Panel 14W, Row 29 of “The Wall” – the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the north side of the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Respect can be paid to Brother Janoska at Section 2T, Site 2247 at Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.

06 JAN 1972
World War II Veteran and DC Alpha Brother Staff Sergeant Logan P. Crossland, U.S. Army Air Force died on this date. Brother Crossland graduated from George Washington University in 1931, joined the Army in 1942, and was discharged in SEP 1945.

Respect can be paid to Brother Crossland in Section 18 at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, OH.

12 JAN 1999
On this date, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Colorado State Senator and State Representative, Colorado State Treasurer and CO Gamma Brother Roy Romer completed 12 years of service as the 39th governor of Colorado. Roy was a legal officer in the U.S. Air Force.

09 JAN 2001
U.S. Army World War II Veteran CO Gamma Brother Maurice J. “Bud” Hartman, U.S. Army died on this date in Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Texas. He served in the Army from 1944-46.

After his WWII service, Bud graduated from Colorado State University in 1950 with a bachelors degree in agronomy, and worked for several agricultural and petroleum companies. Until his retirement in 1988, Brother Hartman was a senior vice president at Interore, a division of Occidental Petroleum.

Bud was involved as an explorer adviser with the Boy Scouts of America, and a member of the Elks Club. Along with his wife, he was a founding member of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

Respect can be paid to Brother Hartman at Fairmount Cemetery in San Angelo.

08 JAN 2002
Korean War Veteran, Founder & CEO of Wendy’s and Renaissance Brother Staff Sergeant David “Dave” Thomas, U.S. Army died on this date. At the outbreak of the Korean War, rather than waiting for the draft, at age 18 he volunteered for the U.S. Army to have some choice in assignments. Having food production and service experience, Dave requested the Cook's and Baker's School at Fort Benning, GA. He was sent overseas to Germany as a mess sergeant and was responsible for the daily meals of 2000 soldiers. After his discharge in 1953, Thomas returned to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Dave was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2003.

Respect can be paid to Brother Thomas at Union Cemetery in Columbus, OH.

09 JAN 2008
Operation IRAQI FREEDOM Veteran and TN Theta Brother Staff Sergeant Jonathan K. Dozier, U.S. Army made the ultimate sacrifice on this date in Sinsil, Iraq. He was 30 years old. Brother Dozier was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armored Division when he died of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated during combat operations. Jonathan was a student at Middle Tennessee State during the 2000-2001 school year.

Besides his parents, Jonathan is survived by his daughter, Emma Grace Dozier. The family asks that memorial contributions may be made to the Saving Grace Memorial Fund, for the future needs of Emma Grace Dozier, C/O any Bank of Hampton Roads Branch, or by mail, 239 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeake, VA 23322.

Respect can be paid to Brother Dozier at Section 60, Site 8727 at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA.

09 JAN 2010
U.S. Navy World War II Veteran and CA Beta Brother Robert S. Caldwell died on this date. Bob served about three years, and following his military service he attended USC. In 1950, Brother Caldwell graduated with a business degree, and followed his father in to the insurance field where he worked until his retirement in 1992.

08 JAN 2011
U.S. Army Air Corps World War II Veteran NC Zeta Brother Linzy Price “L.P.” Megginson, Jr., 86, died on this date at home in High Point, North Carolina. In 1943, soon after graduating from high school, L.P enlisted in the Army and was selected to join the Army Air Corps Cadet program. He served for two years until honorably discharged in 1945. He then went on to earn his B.S. at Wake Forest College (now University) in 1950.

07 JAN 2012
On this date, U.S. Army Veteran IA Beta Brother John L. Phillips died peacefully at his home in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the age of 80. He volunteered for military service and served in the Army with the “Big Red One”.

John received a bachelor of science in industrial economics with minors in accounting and general engineering from Iowa State University. He was employed by Caterpillar Tractor Company in management for 37 years, retiring in 1994, and was actively involved with the school board in Dunlap, IL; Republican Precinct Committee; Optimist Club, and an AFS foreign exchange host family.

08 JAN 2012
Two SigEp Patriots are known to have died on this date.

World War II Veteran and NC Gamma Brother Captain James “Bill” W. Bew II, U.S. Army Air Corps, 94, died at the Treasure Coast Hospice in Stuart, Florida. Bill was a manager of engineering for 35 years at Trans World Airlines.

World War II Veteran and IA Gamma Brother Captain Everett “Ev” E. Jones, U.S. Army also died on this date. He graduated early from high school as all the males in his class were called up to active duty in the Army for WWII. After his time in the service, he returned and went to college at Iowa University.

Respect can be paid to Brother Jones at Section C1-A, Site C14 of Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, CO.

11 JAN 2012
On this date, Vietnam War Veteran, first SigEp National Alumni Chairman, SigEp Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient, Founder and Past President of the Northern New Jersey Alumni Chapter, District Governor and NC Delta Brother Lieutenant Commander Henry J. Ouderkirk, U.S. Navy died at Metropolitan Hospice in Marietta, Georgia.

He was in the Naval ROTC and received his commission in the U.S. Navy upon graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1963. After training and designation as a naval aviator, Brother Ouderkirk was stationed with Air Anti-Submarine Squadron 21 (VS-21) “Fighting Redtails” at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, CA. He flew the S-3 Viking with VS-21 during two combat tours of the Vietnam War aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge (CVS-33). It’s possible that Brother Ouderkirk served aboard Kearsarge at the same time as IN Alpha Brother Lieutenant Junior Grade David B. Evans, U.S. Navy (see Vol 1/14).

In another small world item, Henry was a Captain with Trans World Airlines, and you have to wonder if he knew that this co-worker at Trans World, Jim Bew, was a fellow SigEp Patriot.

Respect can be paid to Brother Ouderkirk at Section 7B, Site 664 of the Georgia National Cemetery, Canton, GA.

05 JAN 2013
U.S. World War II Veteran and WV Beta Brother Grover Ray Morrison, 88, died on this date in Logan, West Virginia. Grover left high school at an early age to serve during WWII – in the European theatre. Following the war, he finished high school and then entered West Virginia University, graduating in 1950 with a Business Administration degree.

Respect can be paid to Brother Morrison at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Pecks Mill, WV.

06 JAN 2013
Happy Anniversary! A year ago, IN Eta Brother Taylor Gleason joined the Air National Guard (Indiana).

07 JAN 2013
U.S. Army Veteran, Former CEO of McDonald’s, SigEp Citation Recipient (2007) and IA Delta Brother Frederick L. “Fred” Turner died on this date, the day after his 80th birthday, in Deerfield, Illinois of complications from pneumonia. Brother Turner began his career at McDonald's in 1956 as a grill operator following a two-year stint in the U.S. Army.
Respect can be paid to Brother Turner at Mount Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery, Decatur, IL.

12 JAN 2013
U.S. Army Veteran TX Alpha Brother Bruce T. Shepherd, 77, died on this date at home in New Braunfels, Texas. He attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, subsequently served in the Army, and also enlisted in the Texas National Guard.
Bruce enjoyed cheering on his Texas Longhorns, hunting, boating, fishing, snow skiing, and also spending time with his family and friends. He was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and the San Antonio Home Builders Association where he and his business partner developed numerous subdivisions in the San Antonio area. He was also a member of the Jaycees and a lifetime member of the New Braunfels Elks Lodge.

* One of the first two SigEp Patriot to die in 2014 was U.S. Navy World War II Veteran OR Alpha Brother Robert H. Schierman who passed away 02 JAN in Los Angeles, California. Robert served on an LSM ship (1944-46), and following his military service he graduated in electrical engineering from Oregon State University in 1950. A memorial service for Brother Schierman will be scheduled in the Spring.
* On the same day, National Guard Veteran TX Alpha Brother Marcus Hale "Goldie" Goldsmith, Jr. passed away in Austin, Texas at the age of 83. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Hospice Austin’s Christopher House (2820 E. Martin Luther King Blvd., Austin, TX 78702).
* U.S. Navy Doctor DE Alpha Brother Thomas D. Schonauer passed away 03 JAN 2014 in York, Pennsylvania. Brother Schonauer graduated from the University of Delaware in 1962, and, after medical studies and an internship, began fulfilling his five-year military obligation in 1967. A memorial service celebrating the life of Tom will be held on Saturday, January 18th at First Presbyterian Church (225 E. Market St., York, 17403) at 11 am. In lieu of flowers, gifts can be made in Tom's honor to First Presbyterian Church; Hospice and Community Care, 685 Good Drive, P.O. Box 4125, Lancaster, 17604; and Children's Home of York, 301 E. Philadelphia St., York 17403.
* U.S. Army D-Day & Battle of Bulge World War II Veteran OR Beta Brother Duncan Wimpress passed away 06 JAN in San Antonio, Texas at 91. He served as president of Monticello College and Monmouth College in Illinois and Trinity University in San Antonio. Nationally, he was Vice Chairman of the Board of Foreign Scholarship Program, appointed by President Richard Nixon and then appointed for a second term by President Gerald Ford. A graveside service will be held today at 1:15 pm at Mission Burial Park North, 20900 IH 10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78257.
* On 10 JAN, World War II Veteran and AL Alpha Brother Captain Richard Lee “Dick” Watkins, U.S. Army National Guard (Tennessee) passed away in Decatur Morgan Hospital, Decatur, Tennessee. After graduating from Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University) with a degree in electrical engineering, Brother Watkins served for more than five years in the National Guard, and in Alaska and Europe with Company B, 151st Engineers, National Guard during WWII. Instead of flowers, the family suggests memorials to the Neighborhood Christian Center, 619 Bank Street, Decatur AL 35601.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the chapter brothers, family and friends of SigEp Patriots Schierman, Goldsmith, Schonauer, Wimpress and Watkins.

- On 06 JAN, Operations IRAQI FREEDOM & ENDURING FREEDOM Veteran and PA Upsilon Brother Paul Yi, U.S. Army and Nicole Marie welcomed their daughter, Aubrey Nanchi-June Yi in to the world! On the same day, FL Theta Brother Josh Gregory was promoted to Major, U.S. Marine Corps. Congratulations to Paul, Nicole, Josh and their families.
- FL Gamma Brother Captain Scott Rubenstein, U.S. Air Force and his wife, Melissa, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Harper Beth Rubenstein on 09 JAN. All the best to Scott, Melissa, and their families.
- SigEp Patriots continue to be selected among the best in the U.S. military. Last week, VA Xi Brother Ensign Wes Riley, U.S. Navy received his orders to the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command’s Nuclear Power School in South Carolina. Great job, Wes. Best of luck!

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Brother Ed Jones, NY Eta ‘96
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