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Female Soldiers Start Exclusive Military Sorority

An anomaly - an interesting and worthwhile posting on TSM (sister to TFM).

Total Sorority Move | Female Soldiers Start Exclusive Military Sorority:

The exclusiveness of the Greek system is something scorned by many, but mostly celebrated by those who are a part of it. My letters are special, because not everyone can wear them. I was chosen to be a member of this organization, and then I earned my spot as a sister. It’s a sentiment that many of us share.

We tend to believe that anyone who didn’t go Greek either made a poor decision or didn’t belong. Then we remember our members of the military, many of whom are unable to attend college full-time because of their duties to this amazing country. And as we all know, part-time students are ineligible for membership within our community. That sucks. My ability to access and connect with other women is of the utmost importance to me. My sorority was a part of my college experience so significant, that I can’t imagine my life without it. And not even having the option to join? It would have been rough.

That’s no longer an issue for military woman.

On April 4, 2011, YaShica Hill and Moneka Smith-Daily served as the first national president and national vice president, respectively to our country’s first ever military sorority, Kappa Epsilon Psi. Two years later, the first chapter of KEΨ was chartered in Baltimore. Now, the organization is expanding.

From KEΨ’s national website:
Kappa Epsilon Psi has three objectives: 
Honor our Past – Annually each active chapter will honor a female veteran (over the age of 65). The female service member is inducted as an honorary K.E.Y. member, and her legacy/military service is documented.

Unite service members – We aspire to unite female service members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Membership is open to all female service members who are or have served honorably. Our goal is to have a member or active chapter on every military installation – stateside & abroad.

Mentor future leadership – Candidates with less than 2 years of military service are paired with a Big Sister that has more time in service & wisdom to share. Members that are retired from military service are paired with new members who wish to seek similar career paths in the civilian sector.
After seeing the positive reaction to the military sorority, male service members followed suit and created a military fraternity, Kappa Lambda Chi, which — you guessed it — was founded on July 4 of last year.

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