Sunday, October 27, 2013

SigEp Fraternity receives 3-year suspension as UTA ends investigations

SigEp at UT Arlington has received a 3-year suspension. Anything I add would be snarky so I'll just hope an appeal is successful.

Fraternity receives 3-year suspension as UTA ends investigations - The Shorthorn : Campus:

One fraternity is suspended from UTA for three years, three others are on probation until the end of May and another is no longer on interim suspension following investigations into reports of misconduct, according to a UTA spokeswoman.

The fraternities – Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi and Alpha Tau Omega – were placed on interim suspensions in September related to activities on fraternity Bid Day on Sept. 7, according to university officials.

The five fraternities were notified the investigations were concluded, university spokeswoman Kristin Sullivan said in an email Oct. 25.

Following the investigations, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been suspended from the university for three years and may not participate in chapter activities, Sullivan said in the email.

“The organization may petition in January 2017 to establish an active chapter at UT Arlington as of June 1, 2017,” the email stated.

Three other fraternities, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi, are on probation through May 31, 2014.

During probation, the fraternities are prohibited from hosting social events or participating in fraternity events where alcohol is present.

The fraternities can appeal and request a formal hearing, Sullivan said in the email.

Pi Kappa Phi is no longer on interim suspension, according to the email. However, the university found that the chapter offered early bids and referred it to the Interfraternity Council, according to the email.

The investigations began sometime after Bid Day in September, Sullivan previously said.
Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi were first issued interim suspensions “related to unregistered parties and possible use of alcohol by individuals under the age of 21,” according to the university.

Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi and Alpha Tau Omega were investigated in connection with underage alcohol use.

Additionally, Alpha Tau Omega was investigated in connection with “possible use of illegal drugs,” according to a previous university statement.

Sigma Phi Epsilon president Christofer Slocum did not immediately return calls from The Shorthorn. In a text message, he said the fraternity plans to challenge the sanctions "by proceeding to a trial."

In a previous article, Slocum denied the fraternity hosted an unregistered party Sept . 7. Instead, he said some fraternity members attended a party at the home of an alumnus who was celebrating a new job.

“I have no control over what a graduate of UTA does at his residence,” Slocum said at the time.

Sigma Chi president Aaron Hobbs said his fraternity thinks the sanctions are heavier than what it expected and will likely appeal.

The Shorthorn is attempting to reach Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Phi presidents for comment.


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