Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sig Ep at Ohio State Ranks Among Top 22 Academic Fraternities In The Nation

Note the buried takeaway item: "about half of the chapters seen in these rankings were SigEp chapters."

Sig Ep Ranks Among Top 22 Academic Fraternities In The Nation | The Odyssey Online:

 In today’s world, Greek men and women often fight against the stereotype of being seen as “unintelligent” among the general college population. While academics are a pillar of sorority and fraternity involvement, television shows such as ABC Family’s  “Greek” perpetuate the idea that Greek life is not for those focused on academics. However, one of Ohio State’s largest fraternities is proving that stereotype wrong. According to the North American Interfraternity Council, the academic success of the Gamma chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Ohio State has ranked them among the top 22 academic fraternities in the nation. The criteria for this ranking included chapters who were ranked first on their campuses academically, and whose un-weighted annual GPA was at least .5 points above their campus’s all male GPA for the 2012-2013 school year. Ohio State’s Sig Ep chapter joined chapters such as Delta Chi, Chi Phi, and Alpha Tau Omega from schools such as Kansas State, Indiana University, and the University of North Carolina in this year’s ranking. While there was a diversity of chapters represented on the list, about half of the chapters seen in these rankings were Sig Ep chapters. NIC President and CEO Pete Smithhisler was quoted as saying “The men in these 22 chapters are holding themselves to a higher standard, which epitomizes the spirit of fraternity done right.”             

When these rankings were announced, members of Sig Ep were naturally very pleased. At a university such as Ohio State, in which the general student population has a fairly high GPA, having an average GPA .5 points above the general student grade point has always been something to strive for. When asked what contributed to their success, brother Justin Niese had a lot of insight on the subject. “When joining Sig Ep, there are a lot of expectations,” says Niese, “You’re expected to hold yourself to a very high standard academically, and to respect and uphold the reputations of those who came before you.” Because of this, brothers are often driven from the beginning to uphold the academic reputation of the fraternity. Niese said that the chapter doesn’t have mandatory study hours, either. “In Sig Ep, you’re introduced into a culture of academic achievement from the start. Because of that, you always strive to make your brothers and your chapter proud.” And the brothers of Ohio State’s chapter have definitely done so. With the release of this new ranking, Sig Ep can rest assured that their chapter is definitely epitomizing “the spirit of fraternity done right”.             

In a world where television shows and movies like “Greek” and “The House Bunny” exist, it can often be difficult to explain to people outside of our world how important academics actually are to sororities and fraternities. Breaking down that stereotype may often seem like an impossible feat. However, through the fantastic news of their new national ranking, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon have proven that it is possible to begin to erode this negative image. This culture of academic success provides an awesome example of the success Ohio State Greek Life has had as a whole, and hopefully will give the university a positive image on what the community can accomplish.

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