Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Student arrested, says SigEp members forced him to drink

Let's hope that this turns out not to be the whole story. If it is, SigEps at Central Arkansas got some 'splainin' to do.

Student arrested, says Sig Ep members forced him to drink | The Echo | ucaecho.net:

Eighteen-year-old student Nolan Foster was arrested for public intoxication at the Rock the Yard concert Sept. 6. He told UCAPD that Sigma Phi Epsilon members made him drink.
A UCAPD officer was working a shift at Sig Ep’s Rock the Yard concert outside Irby Hall when they noticed Foster leaving the concert. He could not walk in a straight line and vomited on his way to Bruce Street.
Foster reaked of alcohol when an officer spoke with him. The officer asked him how much he had to drink and he replied “A lot.” Foster also said some of the members of the Sig Ep fraternity took him to a house and told him that if he wanted to be in the fraternity, he would have to drink.
The officer arrested Foster for public intoxication. He said he was confused as to why he was being arrested, although the officer continued to repeat his charge. A second officer arrived and took Foster to a Faulkner County unit.
- See more at: http://ucaecho.net/police/student-arrested-says-sig-ep-members-forced-him-to-drink/#sthash.rsrU8YFu.dpuf
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