Friday, August 09, 2013

This Guy is NUTS! About SigEp

Go, Renato, Go!
Renato Villacorte (CA Mu '91) is a loyal member of the NUTS! group that raises money for undergraduate scholarships to Conclaves. At this year's Conclave in Dallas Grapevine Several brothers challenged him to run in the "Sound Body 5K Run" and promised to donate to the NUTS! fund or the Fallen Brothers Fund (for families of those lost in service to their country). Brother Garry Keif even promised to double his $500 pledge if Renaton did the run in a purple and red wig!

As you can see in this picture Renato was up to the challenge! By completing the run in spite of the conspiracy to render him unfit by plying him with strong spirits the night before, and by wearing the aforementioned wig in the 90 degree heat, our stalwart brother has managed to single-handedly raise nearly $5000 for the NUTS! and Fallen Brothers funds.

Congratulations to Brother Villacorte and also to those loyal brothers who gave so generously to "incentivize" him to succeed in the 5K challenge. Maybe next time we can get him to run in a full wet suit!
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