Saturday, May 18, 2013

Virginia Tech's Sig Ep Going Massive

Virginia Tech's Sig Ep Going Massive | It Must Be College: "
The new $5 million SigEp House at VA Tech.

Depending upon what college you attend, has a big influence on how you see the Greek lifestyle in college. Most colleges have Greek life, and the fraternity houses can be pictured as scummy, disgusting and full of douche bags.

This is not true for every college though. The men of Sig Ep at Virginia Tech now how to be classy, and there are benefits that come with it.

Virginia Tech's Greek Village - called Oak Lane - is going under a huge expansion project, building new fraternity and sorority houses. The first house that allowed people to move in though, was the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.

What is so special about this, well how about the fact the house has a price tag of $5,000,000!"

Click on this link for more story and more pictures.

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