Wednesday, May 29, 2013

VA Kappa SigEp Chapter Closed - New House to be Used as Dormitory

The SigEp Chapter at VA Tech apparently built their brand new $5 million house so the university can use it as a dormitory. The members of the Chapter were informed Tuesday afternoon of the chapter closing.

Here is the link to the story from the student paper:
Sig Ep fraternity loses charter, new house -

The following quote from a letter to HQ staff  gives an overview :

Later this afternoon, we will announce the closure of the Virginia Kappa Chapter at Virginia Tech.

As many of you are aware, this comes after months and years of effort on  the part of the staff, alumni-volunteers, and Virginia Tech to address significant behavioral issues and general under-performance among the members.
We're all looking forward to re-colonizing a great chapter at VT in the upcoming years.
So there you have it. In the last few years a number of outwardly successful chapters have been closed. The reasons for closing have been varied. However, inability to change from a culture of high-risk behavior and non-existent or non-enforced standards to a culture of mutual support and accountability are high on the list of reasons. And it is not just about the undergraduates. Alumni who are resistant to change cannot shield a bad chapter from scrutiny. 

We look forward to a new, improved chapter at VA Tech in a few years.
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