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Have you met Mom Sandy? | OU SigEp

Have you met Mom Sandy? | OU SigEp:


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Mom Sandy
May 2006 – Current
Only those who have pulled an all-nighter in the SigEp dining room know just how early Sandra Fisher wakes up every morning to get the house ready for the day. Every weekday for the last seven years she’s made sure the breakfast bar is stocked and ready, milk is in the fridge, the dining room is clean, and the stack of campus newspapers is brought in off of the front porch ready to read with breakfast.
“Being a House Director is a calling.  It takes heart, logic, nerves of steel and occasionally ear plugs,” Sandy said as she described her life in the SigEp house.
As 84 fraternity men move in and out of the house throughout the day, Mom Sandy works closely with the food service, keeping the items stocked and menu filled with healthy choices. On game day Saturdays she orders the food, places the tablecloths and decorations, and works with kitchen staff and membership to set up the house for the festivities parents and alumni enjoy. She makes sure the house is presentable, the trash is taken out and most importantly that men who live there are safe.
Being a House Director is a calling. It takes heart, logic, nerves of steel and occasionally ear plugs.
Not unlike most mothers, Mom Sandy’s work often goes unnoticed. But her apartment on the first floor of SigEp is always open if anyone needs a listening ear or some motherly advice.
Prior to joining SigEp in May of 2006, Sandy raised three children of her own and worked as a respiratory therapist for 20 years. Now she is glad to focus her energy on the men who live in house, making their experience as memorable and as safe as possible.
“I like knowing I am providing a home away from home atmosphere for the members,” Said Sandy.
She is as proud of her boys as any of their mom’s at home and it is though to see them move on when they graduate and move away.
“Even though they move on with their lives they always have a special place in my heart.  Being part of Sigma Phi Epsilon has enriched my life more than I could have ever imagined.”
To learn more about Mom Sandy, click here.
To contact, you can email her at momsandy.sigep[at]
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