Thursday, April 25, 2013

Distance Mentoring at IL Epsilon SEC

The SigEp Technology Task Force has been developing the concept of bringing mentors to chapters even if they are far from the chapter or member they work with. 

In this example Mike Ellis is using a Google+ Hangout to meet with 4 others who are interested in helping an SEC achieve chartered status. You will notice two significant points that primarily support Mentoring and the learning and review that can result. 

1. All 5 participants are able to see each other.
2. The meeting was streamed live over YouTube and saved for later playback. (like now)

Take a look. We welcome comments or questions.

Here's what's happening as an example of Distance Mentoring at the SigEp chapter trying to regain its charter (Northern Illinois University, Illinois Epsilon)

You too could be part of a group helping undergraduates at a chapter somewhere in the country.

Eliminate the distance, make the time commitment manageable, make a real difference.  All that we need is one hour a week, one hour a month.

c: SigEp IL E Mentors

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