Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Message from SigEp - Email updates.

With communication becoming ever more electronic in nature it is important to keep to organizations that are important to us up to date on how to stay in touch.

I received this email today, maybe you did too. If you did see it, make sure it went to the 'right' address and update you information at HQ if needed. If you didn't see it your email address at HQ may be old or incorrect. You NEED to update it.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Dear Bryce,
When you joined SigEp at Tennessee Alpha, your membership fees covered a lifetime subscription to the Journal.  Unfortunately, many of your chapter
bothers— maybe even you— miss out on the opportunity to read about the great things that SigEps are accomplishing because of an outdated mailing address.
Our spring issue of the Journal will be mailed in just a few weeks, and our theme for this issue is legacies.  Legacies provide a unique opportunity to see how our great history is inextricably linked to our present and future.  In addition to featured stories about family connections within our brotherhood, the springJournal is your connection to alumni and chapter news, from Tennessee Alpha and nationwide.
I want to make sure that you and all Tennessee Alpha brothers receive a copy of this award-winning publication. Please take two minutes to update your contact information in order to receive this issue.
Please also help us by forwarding this email to friends, as many of them may have email or mailing addresses not be up-to-date in our records.
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our Fraternity!

Brian Warren Signature
Brian C. Warren, Jr.
Executive Director and Executive Editor of the SigEp Journal

The Journal will be posted online at www.SigEp.org once it is mailed.  
You can also follow SigEp on Facebook and Twitter for even more opportunities to join the conversation.This message is being sent to all SigEp undergraduates and alumni.
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