Friday, March 08, 2013

Fraternity scolded for building giant snow genitals

<Sigh> Why does this not surprise me? At least no one was hazed, kidnapped, or assaulted, or forced to drink to excess. However, we have no word on whether the model ended up with frostbitten manly bits.

Fraternity scolded for building giant snow genitals:

Police made brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity tear down the giant snow sculpture
they crafted in front of their house near Purdue's campus March 7.
 (WLFI photo / Elisabeth Rentschler)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - Many people used this week’s snow to make snow-people and igloos, but not everyone. Police officers received a report of a giant snow phallus sitting on the lawn of a campus fraternity.

According to West Lafayette police dispatchers, on Thursday afternoon someone called to report a giant male member made of snow in front of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at 690 Waldron St.

Police officers responded to the fraternity house to put an end to the snow sculpture.

Some of the fraternity’s brothers WISH-TV's sister station WLFI-TV spoke with said it took them roughly 2.5 hours to build it, and that the officers who arrived told them they could either turn the sculpture into a snowman or it would have to be torn down.

The brothers were unable to reach that goal, and the sculpture was destroyed.

According to previous discussions WLFI-TV has had with police on this type of snow sculpture, this violates the state statute category of obscene matter.

Indiana Code 35-49-3-1 prohibits the sale, distribution or exhibition of obscene matter, which snow shaped into male genitals would qualify as.

If charges were filed in this case, it would mean a Class A misdemeanor for the perpetrators. However because the sculpture was destroyed, no charges were pursued.

This isn’t the first time a large, icy male member has been spotted after a big snow in the area.

A few years ago, a home in Lafayette displayed a couple of inappropriate sculptures, as well.
Oh, wait. You want a picture of the offending sculpture? Filthy minded pervs! OK, Here you go (after the jump to allay the NSFW crew):

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