Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting the most out of house traditions - USU Statesman

The full article has several instances of traditions, but of course we wanted to showcase SigEp.
Getting the most out of house traditions - USU Statesman - Utah State University

USU fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon has a weekly tradition of its own — SigEp Sunday. Jake Taylor, a junior majoring in psychology,  is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. He said SigEp Sunday originated six years ago in an effort to cast a better light on the fraternity.

“SigEp Sunday started so people would get over the fear of going to a fraternity house,” Taylor said. “We wanted people to see that it’s just fine and that they can come have a fun time and meet other people.”
Every Sunday, the SigEp boys make a dessert for their guests. Ice cream sundaes are often the go-to choice, but cookies and brownies are known to be in the mix as well.

“The number of people in attendance ance varies from week to week, but we usually have a solid 30-plus people,” Taylor said.

Taylor said inspirational quotes and interesting stories are read. The Larry H. Miller biography has been quoted, as well as passages out of the Quran and Gandhi enlightenment.

“This Sunday tradition is something that will continue on,” he said. “We will keep having SigEp Sundays now and in years to come.”
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