Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discuss SigEp IL Epsilon (NIU) Board of Mentors

If you are interested there is an invitation at the bottom of this post.You will need a Google+ account to sign up, but if you have a Gmail address or any other accounts managed by Google your account is set up already.
Post from Michael Ellis:
Hey SigEps on G+ !   I'm hoping you can help.    

Here's the thing:   
   _1)  Many of you do NOT live near a SigEp chapter._
   _2)  Many of you would LIKE to volunteer but find the time commitment prohibitive._
   _3)  Many of you could contribute greatly to the lives of our undergraduate brothers, if you just could find a way to solve 1 & 2._

So here's what I need.   I'm looking for 7 volunteers to fill positions on our new Board of Mentors for the newly formed colony (re-forming the chapter) at Northern Illinois University, IL Epsilon.   Your commitment is ONE HOUR PER WEEK to serve as a Mentor for an Exec board member of that chapter.   You'll engage with your Mentee remotely over Google Hangout.   Once a month, you'll join a Google Hangout with your fellow mentors to discuss progress, obstacles and challenges, and provide each other with encouragement.    I need volunteers for these Mentoring roles:  President, VP Programming, VP Recruitment, VP Finance, Chaplain, VP Communications, VP Member Development.  Volunteers will be hand-selected based on personal, professional, SigEp experiences and personality matches to current Undergraduates.

I hope some of you will consider joining in this pioneering new Volunteering role.   Join us - it's only ONE HOUR A WEEK - and you will be in on the ground floor of building a TOP chapter.   Great kids, just needing the guidance of some committed older brothers.   The technology helps make the commitment manageable.   Will you sign up today?  

Discuss SigEp IL Epsilon Board of Mentors
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Discuss the whos, wheres, whats, hows, whys, whens of a Board of Mentors for the newly formed SigEp colony at Northern Illinois University.

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