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Sig Ep helps underprivleged children

Sig Ep helps underprivleged children « The Echo: The University of Central Arkansas’ Student Newspaper


The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon have made an effort to help bring Christmas to children who may not otherwise have received presents.

The fraternity held an event at their chapter house on Wednesday to help with Operation Christmas Child, an organization that draws participants to contribute to needy children by providing them gifts in shoe boxes for Christmas.

The effort helps kids worldwide with presents that many kids may view as necessities, but are presents to those less fortunate.

Samaritan’s Purse distributes the packages worldwide to aid children in areas stricken by poverty, war, disease and natural disasters.

Operation Christmas Child is a philanthropic effort put on by Samaritan’s Purse.

Participants fill up shoeboxes containing a variety of items from toys, hygiene items, school supplies and other goods to be shipped to children around the world.

Junior Philanthropy Chair for Sigma Phi Epsilon Tee Sun said he has been participating in Operation Christmas Child for many years.

Sun said he wanted the fraternity to remain involved after participating last year.

“We did it together as a fraternity last year and everyone had a great time,” Sun said. “It’s a very rewarding feeling knowing we could help less fortunate children have a Christmas.”

Sun said the value of the presents mean far more to the children receiving them than people know.

“Even though we see these gifts as every day items, it means so much more to the children that they’re given to,” Sun said.

Sun said the fraternity was providing a platform for Greeks and students at UCA to get involved with the organization.

The fraternity provided many of the necessary items for the program including shoeboxes and pictures to the participants.

After meeting at the chapter house, participants went to various stores around Conway buying presents to fill the boxes. Later, they returned to the house to package the shoeboxes together.

Sun said having students involved with the organization is what the fraternity desired.

“It’s a great feeling seeing the UCA campus come together and support a cause that is so impactful to children around the world,” Sun said.

Sun said the fraternity enjoyed putting on the event.

“We got over 80 shoeboxes total and more are coming in,” Sun said. “It was a fun time being around everyone and getting to hang out.”

The fraternity had 70-80 participants in the effort on Wednesday.

Junior Vice President of Finance for Sigma Phi Epsilon Jon Whitt Golden said he was proud of the event.

“We had a great turnout and were very appreciative of the students and other organizations that joined us in filling boxes,” Golden said. “Any opportunity to give back is always something we enjoy doing, but giving kids a Christmas that otherwise might not have had it is really special.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon is just one of the groups that participates in Operation Christmas Child every year.
More information on Operation Christmas Child can be found on the Samaritan’s Purse website,
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