Friday, December 14, 2012

How NOT to do a SigEp video.

The overwhelming majority of online videos about SigEp send a positive message about the fraternity and its members. Even the ones that show brothers displaying um, character flaws, are not generally mean spirited even if they don't show us in the best light. 

However, occasionally a video shows up that is best used as a cautionary tail. Such is the one I have here today. 

While I would not call the video NSFW, exactly, you may feel otherwise. There are a few clips that get very close to the line. 

Questions to ask yourself before posting SigEp videos:

  1. How does this affect the SigEp image? Positve? Negative?
  2. If a potential member sees this video will he be more or less likely to consider SigEp?
  3. If a parent see this video will he or she have a positive response?
Note I said nothing about production values. That is on purpose. Some of you may be aspiring to a career in video and this is a good place to practice and get better. Just be aware that "Content is King." I'm looking forward to your comments.
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