Monday, November 26, 2012

Sporting shotguns and breaking clays with VCU's SigEp | Survival

This brotherhood experience may not be for everyone but these guys from VA Commonwealth University - SEC had a fun and instructive outing. And they are much better prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. 
Sporting shotguns and breaking clays with VCU's SigEp | Survival

It appears that our summer intern just can’t let go.
After bringing his brothers (from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity) up from Virginia Commonwealth University for an afternoon of shotgun lessons, our Mister James Poole filed this report with NRAblog.

Centreville, Virginia – As the fog cleared that morning, blazers and bowties were turned in for shooting vests and 12 gauge shells. The students of Virginia Commonwealth University were on “Fall Break” and the fraternity brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) took the opportunity to participate in a private Trap Shooting Clinic hosted by NRA Education and Training.

The SigEp brothers started the day with a safety briefing on shotguns and proper Trap Shooting etiquette. The brothers then took positions on the shooting line where they were given 1-on-1 coaching from NRA staff. When everyone was ready, the clays started flying. Cheers roared out as they began breaking target after target, it was obvious they were fast learners.

After two rounds the novice shooters had become pros (even if only in their own minds). Comparing scores and bragging about shots they crushed; you would never believe some of them had never handled a shotgun before.

Bill Poole of NRA Education and Training had this to say.

“NRA appreciates having the opportunity to work with this great group of young men. These SigEps are amazing, they took to trap shooting like they’ve been doing it their entire lives.”

As luck would have it, the George Mason Shotgun Team was practicing as the same time as the SigEp shoot. Mason Team Captain, Sean Renfroe informed the SigEps of some of the opportunities should they decide to form a Shotgun Club at VCU.

There are currently only six colleges in Commonwealth of Virginia with shotgun teams, but they better lookout — the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon at VCU have been inspired.

Thanks for the update James!
If you’d like to take a turn at trap shooting, check out the website for a Basic Shotgun course.
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