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SigEp Regional Director Blog » Blog Archive » Reflecting on the Tragos Quest to Greece - Life on the Road:
Andrew Palmer, Regional Director for Region 6, reflects on his experience on the "Tragos Quest to Greece" and  has a reminder the the application deadline for the 2013 experience is fast approaching.
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the unforgettable experiences and lessons learned from the Tragos Quest to Greece almost 15 months ago. With this year’s application for the Quest to Greece out, I decided to reflect back on the trip and the impact it has had on my life since.

The Tragos Quest to Greece was a truly life changing trip. This is an incredible opportunity that very few men will ever have the chance to experience. Sigma Phi Epsilon prides itself on being different. One of the many ways we do this is through our exemplary Leadership Programs, and more specifically the Tragos Quest to Greece.

The Trip
The first leg of our trip started in Chicago where all the questors and mentors met for a day to discuss expectations and prepare for the trip. When we finally landed in Greece, we immediately traveled to The Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion. From that point, there was no looking back, as our next nine days were filled with fun activities and site seeing from sun up to sun down. We toured the Agora where Socrates taught, learned about the Mysteries of Eleusis, raced in the original Olympic Stadium, sang SigEp songs in the Epidaurus theater, and climbed nearly 1,000 stone steps to the top of a mountain where we gazed over the city of Nauplion. One of my favorite memories though, was our hike through the mountains in Delphi that led us to the ancient Cave of Dionysus where we discussed our Ritual.
Overlooking the city of Nauplon
Overlooking the city of Nauplion
When we weren’t touring the ancient Greek ruins, we were immersing ourselves in deep, thought provoking conversations that challenged our beliefs and thought processes to cultivate a Sound Mind. Our mentors and Darren Middleton, a religion professor from TCU, led these conversations. We also focused on keeping a Sound Body by running on the beach, competing in an obstacle course, and we even did a workout routine led by fellow questor and certified personal trainer Travis Abraham.

Our intense 10-day trip came to a conclusion when we dined on top of a mountain, overlooking the city of Athens, as fireworks from the Special Olympics opening ceremony erupted in the sky.

Impact on My Life
One of our final discussions in Greece was how we could take this experience back to our brothers and impact our Fraternity on a larger scale. The trip was one of the primary reasons I decided to become a regional director. Going into Greece, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted from life and what my purpose was. I won’t say that I’ve figured it all out, but I’m significantly closer than I was before. Since our trip in the summer of 2011, I attended Conclave in Phoenix, AZ, completed a sport management internship, graduated from Georgia Southern University, and now am currently traveling the southern states as a Regional Director.

You can apply for this life-changing trip here Tragos Quest to Greece Application. The deadline is on November 26, 2012 so don’t wait until the last minute!
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