Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trading Orange for Pink

Trading Orange for Pink | The Daily Beacon: excerpt:

In that effort, ZTA sisters hand out ribbons and cards to remind women to perform regular self-examinations.

"It's a private way of reminding you on a piece of paper that has stickers on it for you to put (it) on your agenda, or on your calendar, because we're all about early detection and being properly informed," Ahmed said.

The awareness effort has expanded to include the fraternity ranks as well, with Sigma Phi Epsilon assisting with the handouts on the Walkway.

"They (Sigma Phi Epsilon) have put aside any predispositions about handing out reminder cards about, well, pretty much feeling yourself up," Ahmed said.

Blake Hollis, junior in mechanical engineering and president of Sig Ep, said that breast cancer is an issue that actively affects the families of many of his fraternity brothers.

"Breast cancer really affects everyone, I'm sure you know people who have had it in the past. As a chapter, all of us are helping the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation."

The Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation is a national organization for breast cancer awareness and education, meaning that ZTA chapters at campuses across the country are fighting the disease in similar ways to those of UT's chapter.

"The Zeta Tau Alpha foundation is really one of the best foundations I've seen that actually gets the awareness out there in ways that people remember," Hollis said.

For Ahmed, it's a fight that hits home. Her grandmother passed away due to breast cancer, and her aunt struggled with it as well.
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