Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stevens Institute SigEps cleaning Hoboken parks of debris

If you have seen the news in the last few days you know that Hoboken NJ is not a fun place to be right now. The SigEps at Stevens are helping out as they can.
Stevens Institute students cleaning Hoboken parks of debris |

Some Stevens Institute of Technology students are helping Hoboken clean up after Sandy left the city flooded and largely without power.

At Stevens Park, about 20 Stevens students were raking leaves, placing them in bags and cleaning up debris and broken branches that are littering the park.

Michael Carrano, 23, a computer science student, said students received an email from Stevens officials asking them to help out where they can.

Though the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house, where Carraro lives, has power and internet, he and some of his fraternity brothers decided to pitch in.

"It's almost like we didn't get affected by the storm," he said. "But Hoboken did."

Carraro added there are at least three city parks that Stevens students are cleaning.

Taylor Race, 19, an engineering major, lives at Jonas Hall at Stevens, which does not have power. Race has been staying with friends who do have electricity, but they decided to come out to clean up Stevens Park anyway.

"It's something to do besides sit and stare at each other," she said. "It's fun ... we're having a good time."
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