Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sigma Phi Epsilon under investigation - Ball State University

Sigma Phi Epsilon under investigation - The Ball State Daily News - Ball State University:

A Ball State fraternity has pulled out of on-campus Homecoming events while the school looks into unspecified rules violations.

Sigma Phi Epsilon is being investigated by the Office of Student Life and the fraternity’s national headquarters in Virginia, said Brandon Cutler, assistant director of Student Life.

Cutler said the case involves “alleged risk management violations.”

“Risk management” in the greek system refers to the practice of self-policing by fraternities and sororities to make sure their members avoid rules violations and stay out of trouble.

“The headquarters from Sigma Phi Epsilon has instructed that the undergraduate chapter cease operations while the investigation is ongoing,” Cutler said.

Cutler said the Office of Student Life will not release any information about the alleged violations because the probe is continuing.

Interfraternity Council president Zach Hartley said the fraternity’s decision to suspend most of its Homecoming activities was made by the local and national leaders.

Sigma Phi Epsilon president Nate Hunt said the fraternity is cooperating in the investigation and felt it necessary to cancel most of its events to “figure things out.”

The organization will not host any Homecoming events on campus, but will sponsor alumni events off campus.

“It is not a criminal investigation,” Hunt said. “Just some issues with a few members, and those are going to be dealt with by us and the university.”

A check of University Police Department records showed no runs to the fraternity’s house in the past two weekends.

Hunt said since the investigation is ongoing, he cannot comment on what triggered it.
“We’re trying to keep it contained,” he said.

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