Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sigma Phi Epsilon assists in community revamp

Sigma Phi Epsilon assists in community revamp | The Courier:

In its continuing effort to help maintain the overall quality of the city and give back to the community it has called home for 64 years, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is replacing the “Welcome to Monmouth” sign that mysteriously disappeared some time ago.

The exact circumstances under which the sign vanished are not yet known, but the fraternity is doing its part to restore that facet of the city’s image.

“I think the project in itself is a big step in the direction Sigma Phi Epsilon wants to go in helping the City of Monmouth and the surrounding community,” said senior Pete Lipinski, member of the fraternity and the main driving force behind the project.

In August, Lipinski contacted the city to start brainstorming ideas for possible service projects as part of its continuing program known as “Sig Ep Saturdays.” The fraternity completes service projects at places like the Jamieson Center for most of these Saturdays, but this time the city wanted something different. Jan Helms, Executive Administrative Assistant for the City of Monmouth, came to Lipinski and asked for help with replacing the sign. The materials and supplies are being provided by the city.

“Monmouth has been our home since 1948,” said Sig Ep president Roy Sye, a senior, “and we are honored to give back to the community that has helped our members develop into balanced men for over 60 years.”

The fraternity has done more than just offer to help replace the sign, however. Andrew Lipinski, is a graphic design major and offered to help in designing the sign that will soon grace the northern entrance to the city. Some of Andrew’s design elements fall in line with the image of Monmouth being a tree city as he includes maple leaves and an overall image of growth and nature. The fraternity has done work with planting trees around the city in the past and so the idea of maintaining the Maple City theme was a very important part of the project.

The men of Sig Ep will raise the new sign they helped to design on Oct. 20.
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