Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Starting the Year Off... Wrong!!

Fortunately neither of these involves SigEp directly, though there is a connection with the first incident:

Just this past weekend, a Purdue freshman fell to his death in an alcohol related incident.

BY ALLIE GOODRICH | Assistant Features Editor
A Purdue freshman died early Monday morning in Indianapolis after falling off of a fifth-floor balcony.
18-year-old Xavier Somerville, a Lawrence Central High School graduate, was a freshman in the undergraduate studies program.
According to a case report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, Somerville was at The Avenue Apartments near IUPUI's campus early Monday morning when police arrived, responding to a noise complaint. Witnesses said there had been drinking in the apartment, and Somerville got scared when police showed up. He was trying to swing from the fifth floor balcony to the fourth floor, when he lost his grip and fell. He was taken to Wishard Hospital, but died from his injuries.
The news came as a shock to one particular group of students on campus. It was just a couple weeks ago that Somerville accepted a bid from Sigma Chi fraternity. Chapter president Mark Back said while brothers are mourning this loss, their main focus is supporting Somerville's friends and family.
"He was a guy who stood out to me as someone who would have been a great Sigma Chi," Back said. "Our main thing is we want to be there for support. We can't imagine what his parents and his family's going through right now."
According to Mike Ellis, a SigEp AVC member at Purdue:

This boy was a scholarship winner last weekend from SigEp's BMS.  His accident didn't happen at his selected Sigma Chi fraternity, nor thankfully at SigEp.  But it goes to show how young men can (esp 18-22 yrs old) can make such poor choices at times, especially when they are influenced by alcohol.

This is just another reminder of how tragic such poor judgement can be.

...And in another story from last week, another alcohol related death, this time at Theta Chi at Fresno State:

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