Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Building a Goal for Fall Recruitment

Michael Ellis is a former student NBD member and a world traveling businessman who still manages to stay active on the AVC of chapters as far apart as Berkeley and Purdue. How? He uses the heck out of Google+ and it's hangout (multi-video chat) feature. Click on his name and add him to your G+ SigEp circle.

In this Google+ post he is working with Purdue to build their fall recruiting goals, The attachment is a worksheet posted in G-Drive (new name for Google Docs). It is a good worksheet so use it yourself to help set your goals.

Aug 5, 2012  -  Limited
SigEps:  This is how we are building our goal for Fall Recruitment at Indiana Alpha (Purdue).  If you are involved in Recruitment for your Chapter, you should be thinking about your goals RIGHT NOW and making your plans.   Perhaps this document will give you a bit of a model to work from.  Make a copy, adjust it to your situation.  But if you don't KNOW how many guys you're going after, I can assure you from years of experience, you will under-deliver your potential on your campus.   Post a message back here if you need some help in building your own recruitment goal for the fall.
SigEp IN A Recruitment Worksession 2012-07-25 GOALS »
Members in Chapter at end of Spring 2012 Semester. 102. Less Members who didn't or won't come back in Fall 2012. 3. study abroad, co-op. Less Graduating Seniors. 23. Graduated Spring 2012, None in Sum...
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