Monday, July 30, 2012

New Page - Rush Videos

We have seen so many good videos in the last few weeks we have had trouble keeping up and publishing them all.

So we decided to set up a special page just for SigEp videos. The good ones, with a theme and some decent production values. And especially the ones that get the excitement going.

Go on over to our "Rush Videos - 2012" page And check out what other chapters are doing. Don't forget to give the videos your comments and ratings, too. Think You can do better? Go ahead! Send us the link and we'll work on showcasing as many as we can.

Fine print. You will have a better chance of getting published here if you follow the 'guidelines':

  • Try to keep the video under about 5 minutes
  • Don't use "inappropriate" content - for instance:
    • NSFW pictures or lyrics
    • Beer and booze containers with the labels showing
  • Use the video to answer 3 questions, either directly or implied
    • Why SigEp?
    • Why SigEp at this chapter?
    • Why is SigEp for me, the guy looking at the video?
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