Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fraternity Buys Bed Bug Insurance for Protection

This is a serious problem, but really...The jokes just practically write themselves
A severe "eeeewwwww" factor.
Lincoln, NE - The pest problem is an expensive one, and it could cost UNL more than one hundred thousand dollars to get rid of them. So what if it were your business, or apartment? One fraternity in Lincoln has taken a pre-emptive strike.

We have it for our cars and homes, so why not insurance, bed bug insurance for fraternities and sororities.

"We try to maintain the highest level for our students who live here, so we've never had bedbugs and as a preventative measure we heard about the bed bug insurance,” said Max Rodenburg. “We decided to go ahead and invest in that.”

At Sigma Phi Epsilon the brothers are managing the risk.

They have more than 75 people living in the house.

If there were an infestation it could cost in the tens of thousands for treatment.

They decided to pony up a little cash just in case.

"If the bedbug pandemic ever does infest any of the fraternity houses we would like to be protected,” said Rodenburg.

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