Friday, December 09, 2011

Who dumped dead ducks in the SigEp House?

Just be glad this story doesn't have pictures.
A Southeast Missouri State University student who admitted to dumping dead ducks in a fraternity's residence hall entryway Nov. 13 has been cited for littering by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

As shown on a surveillance video at the residence hall released to a local TV station by the university's department of public safety, a man was seen dropping the ducks on his way into the building and then throwing 16 of them into the entryway of the K Greek housing building, which houses members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The incident occurred around 4:20 p.m. Nov. 13. The video also shows the man driving a truck and exiting with the ducks. A passenger in the truck was shown moving over to the driver's seat and driving away after the ducks were left in the building.

After the surveillance video was released Thursday, the public safety department began receiving calls from local TV viewers who helped identify the man as a university student.
According to Missouri law, a wanton waste violation occurs when wildlife is harvested and the edible portion is dumped or discarded.

Booth said the people who shot the ducks are members of a different fraternity at the university, and that the student who dumped the ducks is not an official member but was rushing that fraternity. The students who shot the ducks claimed when interviewed by conservation agents that they harvested the ducks legally, Booth said, and at this time there is no reason for agents to believe otherwise.
A "Wanton Waste" indeed! Local News: SEMO student cited with littering for dumping dead ducks in frat house (11/20/11):

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