Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vermont fraternity chapter closed over rape survey -

  • The local chapter of the fraternity is closed indefinitely, officials say
  • The survey is "deplorable and absolutely inconsistent with our values," national fraternity leader says
  • University of Vermont officials said they "respect and support" the decision"
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Earlier video included with the story:

Editorial comment:
The staff and NDB did as well as possible by acting swiftly to investigate, decide, and act unambiguously to send a message that we will not tolerate behavior that violates our principles.

This should be viewed as a 'teachable moment' when chapter leaders and volunteers get together at the upcoming CLAs. Future incidents like this (sadly, we know there will be) must be handled in a similar no-nonsense manner.

This note from Chuck Eberly (OH Kappa, OGH) - sent originally to the Illinois NU chapter he advises - arrived earlier today. We were asked to let others know about John Foubert's One in Four program.  
I am sad to learn that the chapter has been closed, but reassured to know that our Board of Directors (which must vote to close a chapter) and our Headquarters leadership is willing to do what is necessary to live up to the values of our Fraternity. I do not know if there is such a count, but in my memory this is one of the first times a Balanced Man Chapter of Sig Ep has been closed for misbehavior.

Executive Committee, perhaps developing an all-campus program on rape awareness and prevention is a good step forward. Please go to the website for the One in Four Program developed by my friend, Dr. John Foubert, of Oklahoma State University ( In fact, I wonder if the incident at the University of Vermont can be used as an incentive for men in Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Epsilon (John's fraternity) to cooperatively develop One in Four Programs on multiple campuses. Some of you may know that I endorsed John's book, The Men's Program and The Women's Program, when they were published. The intent of the books is to promote the development of rape prevention programs on college campuses based on solid empirical evidence that the programs work with high-risk segments of the student population, such as athletic teams and men-only groups like college fraternities. A list of John's publications can be found on his website at Oklahoma State.

You can learn about John's work on the Internet during break.  Are there brothers in Illinois Nu who are dedicated enough to initiate such a program on the EIU campus?

Chuck Eberly
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