Friday, December 02, 2011

SigEps to run from Fredonia to Buffalo carrying a tree

Frat guys to run from Fredonia to Buffalo carrying a tree - Blog -

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For 12 years, the frat brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon at SUNY Fredonia have been making the 45-mile trip to downtown Buffalo with a full-size Christmas tree in tow.
Oh, and they make the trek by foot.
It’s not hazing, and it’s not just for kicks. The annual Tree Trot is a Sig Ep tradition that benefits YouthAIDS, Sig Ep chapter president Allan Halas said. According to the YouthAIDS website, the campaign raises money and awareness for youth and young adults suffering from HIV/AIDS.
On Saturday, four of the 32 participating frat guys will run with the tree in 1.5-mile increments, Halas said. They’ll run from the SUNY Fredonia campus to downtown Buffalo’s Lafayette Square in rotations, surrounded by safety vehicles identifying the group and the cause. The group hopes to raise $5,000 for YouthAIDS.
“It’s very exhausting. It’s not the most fun of times, but we know in the back of our heads that we’re doing it for YouthAIDS,” Halas said.
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