Monday, December 26, 2011

No One is Useless - You Can Always Be A Bad Example

SC Alpha gets the star treatment. And so, by association, does all of SigEp. Don't even get me started about Vermont.

Brothers, we know we are better than this. When are we going to show it?

This article asserts that, as a group, women are outperforming men on college campuses in both academic and leadership measures. And sororities are outperforming fraternities based on measures such as Fraternity/Sorority GPA vs. all men/women GPA.

What do those of you "in the trenches" as either students or campus professionals see? Is this accurate? If so what role can SigEp play in raising the game of fraternity involvement?

Women zoom ahead of men in college - Education -
"What’s wrong with male college students?

A lot, it seems.

They come to college better prepared than their female counterparts. Then, they underperform.

Consider the case lesson offered by Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Alpha chapter at the University of South Carolina.

After a series of alcohol-related incidents and damage to its fraternity house, the fraternity got with university officials and established a series of goals that, if completed, could have put the local chapter back in good standing. But university and fraternity officials say the young men simply didn’t do what was asked of them, and earlier this month the fraternity suspended its Alpha chapter’s charter.

USC officials said they were disappointed — but not totally surprised.

Dennis Pruitt, USC’s vice president for student affairs, said male college students at USC, and elsewhere, are not seizing academic and leadership opportunities with the same zeal as female students."

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