Monday, November 21, 2011

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - Fraternity Statement: Tragic accident at Yale

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity - Fraternity Statement: Tragic accident at Yale:

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Statement
Monday, November 21

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity is deeply saddened about the tragic accident that occurred Saturday morning before the Yale-Harvard football game in a Yale Bowl parking area. The accident happened when a U-Haul truck that had passed through the security area inexplicably accelerated into the crowd, killing one person. Two others were injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

The police have identified Brendan Ross, a member of our Fraternity, as the driver of the U-Haul. In a statement, police said Ross passed a standard field sobriety test.

Executive Director Brian Warren arrived in New Haven on Saturday to ensure that the members at Yale had the necessary support and to reach out to university administrators. Sigma Phi Epsilon is continuing to work with university administrators and law enforcement officials as requested. Because the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to make any further comment on the accident at this time.

Our Fraternity owes a debt of gratitude to the Yale administration, staff, and SigEp alumni, who have come together to help both the chapter and all of those involved in the accident. Please keep the victims of this terrible accident and the brothers of our Yale Chapter in your thoughts and prayers as we try to help them through this difficult time and understand more fully what has occurred.

Media Inquiries;
Gay-Lynn Carpenter
Communications Director

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