Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home for the Holidays

In my more cynical moments I refer to the "Holiday Season" as "that wonderful time of year when we leave our loved ones to be with our families." Of course some family gatherings are more difficult than others, and the temptation to "check out", chemically or otherwise can be strong.

Here is some advice from Bro. Chuck Eberly on how to survive.

Dear Brothers,
We will all soon be going home for the holidays. For some of you, "home" is a mix of warm feelings, the taste of great cooking, and joyful reunions with members of your families.
For others of you, however, "home" may be returning to a place that includes hard feelings, uncomfortable meals, and meeting people who remind you of events you would rather not recall. The following on-line essay by a colleague of mine just might be helpful to you.
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