Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting a Bang! Out of Brotherhood

I love the smell of gunsmoke in the morning. Smells like...Brotherhood!
On Saturday, October 22nd, Tufts SigEp hosted a brotherhood bonding event to go and spend the afternoon at a shooting range.

Brothers Dave Taylor ’14, John Rodli ’14, Mike McCarthy ’13, and Jacob Schiller ’12 drove to Belmont Firearms and Range in Belmont, NH. After receiving some tutelage in proper usage, the brothers took up some arms and tested them out. Throughout the afternoon, the brothers tried their hands at wielding a .38 Revolver, an AR15 and a FN SCAR. 

As the day drew to a close, the four brothers had a friendly shoot off competition: 10 shots with a rifle of choice, with the target at about 30 yards out, and only head shots counting for points. And the winner was…. Dave Taylor, hitting 7 head shots! Brothers McCarthy and Rodli tied for second with 4 head shots a piece, with Schiller rounding the rear with single yet well-placed head shot. To cap off the day, the brothers headed to the Tilton Diner in Tilton, NH for a well-earned dinner.

Thanks to Belmont Firearms and Range for hosting such a great day for SigEp!

More pictures. Here.
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