Friday, November 25, 2011

"Black Friday" - Brotherhood Deals

We have been bombarded with advertising about "Black Friday" for weeks now. I even got a "Black Friday" dry cleaning coupon in my email this morning. The TV news outlets are all talking up the best shopping strategies, showing the crazy people camping out for days so they can get 40% off this years must-have gadget, and this morning - all the insane stories of shoppers using pepper spray to clear the lines. Yes there were more than one of those stories (thanks to UC Davis and Officer Pike!).

My thoughts, however, are turning to how SigEps can have a "Brotherhood Friday." Rather than running around like lemmings with credit cards how about you call up one of your brothers? Tell him how you are thankful to have shared the SigEp experience with him. Maybe someone you see every day in your chapter who is home with his family - or maybe had to say at school and not make it home for some reason. If you are an Alumnus, call up someone you haven't seen in a few years, or decades. Share a few "war stories" and remember how awesome it was to be together then.

Too often when we graduate and start our careers we get caught up in the daily "what's next" chores and after a while fraternity becomes "something I did in college" rather than a "Lifetime Experience." I live in a city far away from where I went to college, but I'm fortunate there are at least 3 other brothers living here who were in my chapter at the same time as I. We get together a few times a year - usually there is a football game involved - and remember the brotherly experience as we catch up on our lives.

Go ahead. Call a brother and wish him well. I promise it will be a better experience than a UFC match on the floor of Best Buy for the last $199 laptop in stock.
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