Monday, October 24, 2011

Caution - Changes coming to S&P

When we started this blog in 2004 the world of blogging was much more basic than it is now. The design of our site was adequate for the time but there are more capabilities and more tools to make sites work faster, stronger, better.  So, after 7 years it is past time to shake things up, repaint the walls, and rearrange the funiture. 

Blogger has added a boatload of features in that time. I had gone to outside resources to set up some of those services (like the "peekaboo" posting feature). Now that I can do them in Blogger I won't have to worry so much about "future-proofing". 

I am also planning to incorporate some more pages - for instance an "About" page, and maybe a "Helpful Links" page, and so on. Extra pages are another recently added feature I have not used yet. They will allow for a cleaner and more focused main posting area.

You will see the changes happen starting very soon. Don't be alarmed if you see a different layout every few days for a while. This is going to be a work in progress but the progress will be toward a sit that better meets the needs of today's SigEp.
Anyway, I am open to suggestions for layout, design, colors, pictures, background, fonts, or anything else so if you have an idea let me hear about it. Don't be shy. if you know of a really neat feature some other site is using we are happy to shamelessly copy if it works here. Leave a comment, send an email, tweet (@sigepblog) post on Facebook, send smoke signals, whatever. 
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