Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sigh - It's always something...

After one of the better Conclaves of recent memory - and they have all been pretty outstanding - it really is a bummer to see some of the best moments have been lost. I hope they get recovered, but if not I think the HQ staff should be required to re-enact the speeches using sock puppets
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

Conclave Attendees,

I hope you are still feeling energized from last month’s Conclave. We had an exciting, safe and well-attended celebration. However, there were a number of items that did not make it back to Zollinger House. While most of the missing items are replaceable, one is not. A box of videotapes and DVDs of our keynote speakers and the Balanced Man Celebration disappeared. We have exhausted all avenues of searching with the hotel and in our storage areas. Fortunately, we have a second box of tapes of our main meal functions and the Ritual.

SigEp uses this video footage in a number of ways, providing clips for those who could not attend and developing other videos to promote our programs. There are two reasons why I want you to know about the missing videos. First, I am asking you to keep an eye out for the box or individual video tapes and DVDs. If you happen to come across them or hear anything, we would be pleased to accept these items back with no questions asked. Second, I wanted to let you know that, unless these items turn up, we will unfortunately be limited in sharing the Conclave experience through video.

If you do have anything to report, please respond by e-mail. Thanks.


Brian C. Warren Jr.
Executive Director
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
PS: want more sock puppets? Click here.
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