Thursday, September 29, 2011

RIP Jack Wheeler

Update - HQ has also issued an announcement with more details and information.

We just received this sad news from Norm Nabhan

I just heard from Kate Wheeler that Jack passed away this weekend and was buried in a small family service yesterday. He did not want a big deal made of his passing.

Jack was bigger than life for all of us that had the privilege of knowing and loving him. He inspired so many alumni and undergraduates alike that his loss is a deeply personal one for all of us and for our Fraternity that he loved and shaped with his leadership. I know that we will all miss him terribly.

Norm Nabhan

Jack Wheeler at the 2010 Dallas CLA
I have never met anyone who could speak from the heart like Bro. Wheeler. He was a kind and compassionate man.

He served as Grand President while I was in college and even visited with our chapter when it was struggling to survive.

He was awarded the Order of the Golden Heart, but to those who knew him he has always had a golden heart.
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