Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No More Sorority Women at Recruitment Events!

Sorority women barred nationally from fraternity rush parties

Mina Radman, Alligator Writer 

Some sorority members in the United States will no longer be allowed to attend fraternity recruitment events, according to a new rule.

The ruling applies to the 26 sororities that are part of the National Panhellenic Conference. It will be enforced at most of the 655 universities that National Panhellenic Conference members attend, including UF.

The UF Panhellenic president was not available to comment. 

In October 2010, the organization urged its members not to attend fraternity recruitment events because women may be used to persuade men to pledge certain fraternities. 

Sororities that are not part of the organization can still attend fraternity recruitment events. 

"I think it's a stupid rule," said Kevin Stillerman, a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. "We've had girls in the past, so why not have them now?" 

Jack Causseaux, the associate director for the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs, said the university did not have input in the rule's creation. 

"This is not our rule, this is the National Panhellenic Conference," Causseaux said. 

Interfraternity Councils at some universities have already had similar rules, Causseaux said, because they want the recruitment process to be about the men bonding and not worrying about the girls being present. The
Interfraternity Council at UF does not ban women from the recruitment process. 

Freshman Lauren Safran, a member of Alpha Chi Omega, said she would have liked to see what a fraternity rush was like. 

"I think [the rule is] unnecessary because the guys can make their own decisions with the girls there," Safran said. 

Hallie Kritsas, a member of Chi Omega, doesn't believe there will be much of a difference.

"It'll just be a different atmosphere than in years past when Panhellenic women were allowed to attend," Kritsas said.
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