Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grand President's Remarks #SigEpConclave

As is our tradition (meaning we have done it twice before) we are pleased to present the remarks made by newly elected Grand President Burt Harris on the last night of our Phoenix Conclave. 
Brother Harris, you have the floor:
Not many pics
of Bert on the 'net
Thank you for the great Honor of holding the gavel and leading this Great Fraternity for the next two years…...

I will tell you that during the Brotherhood Celebration, I was close to withdrawing my name from consideration.    

Who in their Right Mind would want to follow Grand President Garry Kief !   

But Yesterday, the Grand Chapter Conclave Changed my mind.   

Yesterday---the 52d Grand Chapter Conclave assembled and RAISED the mark.   

Yesterday,   YOU said, we can do better.     YOU Set OUR direction for the coming two years.

The Clear Message I heard from the debate and votes of the Conclave Assembled is that YOU demand of yourselves……Better academic performance, Better Brotherhood and Better Member Development.   
From YOUR commitment we will build stronger chapters, stronger leaders, smarter Brothers.   

We will more strongly embrace the principals of SOUND MIND, SOUND BODY AND THE BALANCED MAN!

I look forward to working with OUR best and brightest to make our Sig Ep experience the best Life Changing experience in the University System.

By the way…….My Daughter Katherine told me that if I talk too long, she’s leaving.

One focus of this Conclave is to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to the many alumni and volunteers who so strongly support our fraternity…..

To our volunteers…..WE COULD NOT DO  SIG EP WITHOUT YOU !   

Without you…we would not have the  manpower or money to deliver the service and wisdom which you GIVE.    

During the next two years, we will continue to strengthen our commitment to better support the time and talent you bring………..

During this process, I was asked why I continue to support  Sig Ep.    

My answer --like so many in this room……because of what this fraternity did for me as a young man…..AND because of the many Friendships that continue to this day.

I want to dwell one more moment on volunteer support.   In my chapter THE key volunteer was Dave Hendon.  May he rest in peace.   For more than 50 years he was the heart and soul of Florida Alpha.   He raised money, he built a MAGNIFICENT house (PRISON GRADE CONSTRUCTION THAT 60 YEARS OF FRATERNITY HAS NOT COMPROMISED), and he told us how to act.  He was responsible for building one of the Best chapters in SigEp.

I tell that story not because of Dave Hendon.   

That story exemplifies the impact of Good Alumni and Volunteer support OVER TIME.     Alumni and Volunteer support over time is a critical to the strength of our Chapters.

Therefore……the first thing I do as Grand President is to thank the many  MANY alumni and volunteers who serve our Fraternity…..and especially those who serve over time.  (clap)

I am Proud to report that Sigma Phi Epsilon is truly blessed with a  BRIGHT, and  DEVOTED Staff!!   
They maintain a true Line of Sight Focus on the objective… implement our Strategic Plan and to make our Brothers and Chapters Better.   

The only way to successfully answer the call of the Undergraduates, will be a strong coordinated effort by our Staff and Volunteers.

We will work with the Foundation to bring greater strategic alignment, to focus attention on the needs of our Undergraduates, and to raise more money  to support The SigEp Nation. Our  work with the Foundation will begin First.

To my undergraduate brothers…….A couple of points.

I encourage you to seek out, thank, recruit, thank, ask, thank, bring to conclave, …and ….did I say thank….your alumni and volunteers.  

It costs so little to say thank you……and it means so much.    

Tell them that you appreciate what they do and the time they spend.   

Tell them that they have made your lives better.

I encourage you to call on YOUR staff.   They are here to help you meet your goals.   I am firmly convinced that they work to help you.

You will find that our entire Sig Ep Team--- our ALUMNI, our VOLUNTEERS, our FOUNDATION, and our STAff are all working together to help you develop a Sound Mind, a Sound Body so that you may live a Balanced Life.

In Sum……THIS WEEK –IN Conclave – YOU raised  the Bar for our Brotherhood.

Quite Frankly, YOU—our undergraduate Brothers -- Compel our STAFF our ALUMNI and OUR VOLUNTEERS to Kick it up a notch as well !   

We will find better ways to support Your Chapter Development and Your Personal Development.   We will find the Money.   We will find the Volunteers.  We will better Support our Volunteers.

Past Grand President Kief…….You did really did a good job.    

And  we thank you for your work !  

BUT….. when we gather again in Dallas in 2013, WE WILL BE DIFFERENT……

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