Monday, August 15, 2011

Blogger's Breakfast recap #SigEpConclave

The "Blogger's Breakfast" was well attended by 30 or so,equally divided between alumni and undergraduates.

We opened with some history - since the blog is now 7 years old some may not remember the beginnings. Early on we were perceived with some suspicion and hostility from HQ. Possibly because we were showing the places where SigEps were coming up short as well as the successes. We also did not hesitate to call BS when we saw it at the local, regional, or national level. Fortunately, as we have continued to offer straightforward news and honest (if not always welcome) opinions we have developed a collegial relationship.

We continued with a few facts about where S&P is today. A few current items of interest:
  • Sanguine & Purpure ( is now 7 years old.
  • We now have a Twitter account (@SigEpBlog) with nearly 1000 followers
    • All posts are also sent to the Twitter Feed
  • There is a "Sanguine & Purpure" Facebook page that also gets the posts redirected to it
  • Our "Sigma Phi Epsilon" LinkedIn Group has 9400 members - the largest LinkedIn group for a social fraternity. HQ has partnered with us and two staff members are also administrators of the group.  
The larger story is how much HQ has accomplished lately:
  • RD Blog - on-the-road musings
  • Official SigEp Facebook page ( - 16,000+ likes
  • @OfficialSigEp twitter account. And they are making good use of it
  • Conclave website set up extremely well.
  • Conclave smart phone app was well done and well received.
We then opened up for a comment and question session that brought out a number of suggestions for improving the state of communications, some of them even suitable for publication. The suggestion and ideas centered around how to use the current state of tech and social media to enhance a chapter's performance, a brother's development, and alumni participation. We will be compiling the ideas and sending them on to HQ.

... And they better not drop the ball! We know where they live.

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