Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"Judge Mitch" - Run, Mitch, Run

It is not this blog's policy to endorse any candidate for public office and I certainly am not qualified to speak about Delaware politics. However, I have seen first hand Mitch's commitment to SigEp and our principles and can say he is absolutely worthy of serious consideration in any endeavor. I honestly did not even look to see if he was part of "my" party or not.

David Stollman and Steve Hofstetter apparently think so too. They both asked that I put this letter (from David to Steve) in the blog. I am happy to do so.
"Judge Mitch"

I’ve never sent an email asking for a birthday gift before, but I am now.

Mitch Crane has been a friend and mentor since my college days at Maryland. Twice he came and tried save my chapter from self destruction. He taught me the true meaning of fraternal commitment.

I learned from him as he mentored me through my start in this field as a speaker, then starting CAMPUSPEAK, then even through the launching of HazingPrevention.org. Through the years I came to know what a caring and deeply devoted person he is. Recently he came to me, and for the first time, asked for my help. He rarely asks others for help even though he so often offers it, so I couldn’t miss the chance to give back.

As I talked with other people I learned he has helped them in many small and large ways. Mentoring them as a professional working with students. Answering questions about legal issues in higher ed. Giving advice on how to reach students with a message. Maybe he has helped you in one of these ways. Please think back and consider helping him now.

For the past few years instead of speaking on campuses, he has been working in the Department of Insurance for the state of Delaware. Even though his focus was away from higher ed professionally, I still called on him regularly for advice and support. Maybe you did as well. Just a few days ago Mitch announced he is running for office again after many decades away from public service. He sees this as his last big way to give back to others.

It is our chance to help him.
“All my life I have fought for causes: civil rights, student rights, political reform, fraternity reform. After fighting for change from within the office, I finally left the Department of Insurance in January because of disagreements with how consumers were being affected. When party leaders and elected officials asked me to consider running for Commissioner, I found a new purpose and a new way to make a difference. I know that fighting this fight not only extends but is a great culmination of my public life: doing well by doing good.”

He is in a tough primary and needs help. I know these are hard financial times. It isn’t the amount that you give, but just giving your support matters. If for no other reason than to thank Mitch for the many ways he has helped you, or the fraternal movement over the years. Please consider giving $25, $50, $100, or more if you can. And, just as importantly, please ask 5 people to give as well.

You can give at his website with a credit card or through paypal and of course you can mail a check to:
Mitch Crane for Delaware
37232 Lighthouse Road
Box 212
Selbyville, DE 19975
So right now, please, cut and paste text from my message that you want, add your own words and ask just 5 people whom you think Mitch has helped over his 30 years advancing the fraternal movement. If we can spread our network wide enough and get many small and medium sized gifts, he will not only feel our support but we can make a difference advancing his campaign.

Thanks in advance for this gift.


David Stollman
7 East 8th Street #313
New York, NY 10003
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