Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alleged Rape at SigEp Cal Poly

More Details Of Alleged Rape Released
San Luis Obispo, CA -- According to a police search warrant, the woman claiming to have been raped at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house last month drank twelve shots of Jagermeister before blacking out. She says she arrive at the party sober at 11 o’clock, but she doesn’t remember anything that happened after 1:30. When the woman woke up at about noon she had scratches on her arms and severe pain. She also couldn’t find her undergarments, which police later found in a tree in the fraternity house’s courtyard.

Later in the month, she received calls recorded by police from Joseph Trupiano. During the conversations, Trupiano said she consented and undressed herself. The conversation never specified if the woman passed out before or after the sexual encounter although, Trupiano admitted that she did pass out. He also added they were both drunk. 23-year-old Trupiano turned himself in later in the month.

The district attorney's office has not filed charges against him yet. He is set for an arraignment next Wednesday if criminal charges are filed; Trupiano is currently not in custody.

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