Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Western KY Greeks Adopt New Grade Standards

IFC institutes new GPA requirements by Kathrine Wade Some fraternities at WKU could be facing penalties for low GPAs starting in the fall.

The Interfraternity Council, which acts as a judicial body for fraternities on campus, has made a scholarship bylaw revision that will require fraternities to maintain a certain GPA.

Hawesville junior Billy Stephens, a member of Sigma Chi and vice president of recruitment for the IFC, said IFC came up with the new plan in order to help people with lower grades.

“Our old scholarship plan was very vague and had a lot of loopholes,” he said. “It didn’t really benefit anyone.”
According to the new bylaw, a chapter is placed in a warning semester if its semester GPA is between a 2.5 and 2.6.

If the chapter GPA drops to between 2.25 and 2.5, it’s placed in level one academic probation. If the chapter GPA falls below 2.25, it’s placed in level two academic probation.

Both levels of academic probation can result in the chapter being restricted from social activities and intramurals. That’s along with being required to attend TLC study hours, academic workshops, as well as submitting monthly grade reports to the IFC Executive Council.

Stephens said he thinks these changes will cause fraternity members to concentrate more on improving their grades.

“I think they’re going to take it more seriously,” he said. “You have to get the grades or be baby-sitted.”

Bowling Green junior John Hughes, president of the IFC and a member of Kappa Alpha Order, said he was excited about the new academic bylaws.

He said that although none of the fraternities take grades lightly, now they will have an easier time realizing what they need to do if they get off track.

“This should raise awareness of whenever you get on that borderline,” he said.

Hughes also hopes these revisions will help improve the reputation of the IFC among the fraternities.

“Our goal is not just to lay down the law,” he said. “It is to help and do the best things for our Greek community. The best thing we can do to better scholastics is to be more involved.”
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