Sunday, March 06, 2011

New and interesting goodies from HQ

Even though we are proudly independent of direction from HQ, occasionally - and honestly more often of late - they will do thing we think are quite good and worth a look. Here are two of the latest:

1. "Sound Bites". Sound Bites bills itself as "Your monthly source for undergraduate news" and offers a gathering of articles, pictures, and videos submitted by undergraduate chapters as well as timely articles written by HQ staff. This month's issue features a video about a SigEp who is a world champion blind (!) golfer.

"Sound Bite" is fairly new. It only started publishing last August and we didn't notice it until a few weeks ago as there has been little fanfare - at least with alumni. It could use more exposure and feedback so it becomes truly an undergraduate news source from both a content and delivery perspective. That said, applause to HQ and Mitch Goldich for creating another way to increase communication.

2."The RD Blog" Here is another hidden gem. HQ has (gasp!) started a blog No that is not a typo. This year the RDs are posting articles about "Life on the Road". The posts range from getting over the shock of starting out to advice on how to focus chapter goals using a BUC CUP application to how to use "cold calling" to help recruitment.

I hope you also know about the HQ Facebook page, Twitter account (@OfficialSigEp) and YouTube channel.

We think these new areas for HQ are really signs that they are finally getting fully on board with the social media thing. Its about time.

For the record, S&P also has a (completely separate) Twitter account (@SigEpBlog) and Facebook page.
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