Friday, March 18, 2011

CLA Reimbursement

I was pleasantly surprised today when I (finally) got around to claiming the reimbursement for attending CLA in an official capacity.

The reimbursement form is online, so I expected to have to scan the hotel receipt into an electronic format, then attach it to an email - like so many other similar processes require. Instead, the form simply asked if I had booked my own room or not. When I replied that I had it went calmly on its way and finished processing.

Thinking I had missed a step I sent a quick email off to HQ and got the reply that yes, I had done everything correctly. Since the room rates are negotiated in advance they put that information into the back-end of the processing, and all the information is available once you tell them where you attended.

Very nice. And no one has to know about the charge for "Sarah's Moonlight Shocker" from the adult movie channel.
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